48 Best Bathroom Decorating Ideas For Comfortable Bath

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The bathroom is a necessary room in the house but it should be more than functional. I like to have a big bathroom that I can relax in. The ambience must be chilled and the Bathroom Decoration ideas should reflect that. It’s the room in the house that you can escape to. You can pamper yourself with a long soak in the tub by the light of some scented candles. That’s the perfect end to my day.

I hate a bathroom, or any other room for that matter, that’s cluttered. It must be tidy and spacious. A sunken tub would be nice and one of those shower units that have a skylight above them. It gives the illusion that you’re showering in fresh rain. Bathroom Decoration ideas must pay attention to color. I like soft, neutral colors in the bathroom. I don’t want anything bright giving me a migraine in the mornings. I’m not very good in the mornings. I need a dark green, subtle lemon shade or terracotta.

The bathroom fittings must be modern and shiny. I don’t want to pretend I’m in some Victorian parlor room. Some leafy plants would be nice. Bathroom Decoration ideas for the 21st century should be minimalist with a complete ban on any corny motifs. Fish, boats and seashells are out. If I want that sort of thing, I’ll go to the beach. Brass fittings would be OK as long as they’re not too ornate.

The bathroom must be easy to clean. No rugs or fancy drapes. The walls must be fully tiled, with maybe one wall fitted with mirror tiles. I’m not vain, it just gives a sense of space! I know all these home make over shows are obsessed with stencils. These don’t fit in with my Bathroom Decoration ideas. I want plain tiles as God intended them.

Speaking of make over shows, some of them have inspirational ideas including inventive Bathroom Decoration ideas. However, others are barking mad. I saw one the other day that featured the apartment of a young, trendy couple who had designed the whole place. Admittedly, the apartment was gorgeous and very tastefully decorated. It was the bathroom facilities that were weird. This couple didn’t like walls and the entire apartment was open plan. Their bath tub was extra large so it could comfortably fit the two of them in, and it was plonked in the apartment for all to see. Even more bizarrely, the toilet was on the other side of the master bedroom, behind a wall but a very thin, see through glass one. The husband explained that this unusual state of affairs was because he wanted to continue his conversation when his wife was taking a call of nature. Bathroom Decoration ideas with a hint of eccentricity.


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