44 Brilliant Bathroom Decor Ideas On A Budget

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As anyone will know who has purchased an old house that needed renovating will testify that back in the 1970’s and 1980’s people committed some real bathroom decor faux pas when it came to the colours chosen for their bathroom suite. Avocado green or brown were common place in homes, fortunately those days are way behind us. Most people chose to go with a standard white suite nowadays and work the colour scheme around the walls and the floor. But what are the colours that are best for your bathroom?

Many people chose to play it safe when decorating their bathroom by going for a pale blue colour scheme which is OK but to create that wow factor you should accessorise boldly. Gold taps throughout the bathroom can really set off the look if decorated in a paler colour. Using a paler colour scheme can help to emphasis the accessories in your bathroom.

Bold, darker colours are better suited to a larger bathroom or a big wet room as they can make the bathroom feel a little claustrophobic. If you decided to go with a darker colour on the walls you may want to consider a lighter colour of floor covering to give the room a feeling of a little more space.

You can also play the colour scheme safe by sticking with a pale colour for the walls and having a white bathroom suite but by choosing to use a bold colour for your wall tiles. This can create a great look especially if you run the tiles around each wall as a border.

Whatever colour you choose to go for try to think a little about the size of your bathroom and how the room will look at the end and remember you may have to look at the colour scheme that you choose for a number of years so be sure to get it right.

Many people shy away from decorating their bathroom any different than the usual bathroom tiles, usually white which you find in so many homes up and down the country. This does not have to be the case as there are so many alternatives available on the market which are just as easy to use, as simple to maintain and survive the rigours of daily bathroom life. One such style of decor is bathroom wall panels.

Bathroom wall panels come in many shapes and sizes and are really easy to fit and maintain in the long term. As well as these features they are also really hard wearing and as easy, if not easier than tiles to clean. Bathroom wall panels are usually made of UPVC which makes them wipe clean and easy to fit, because they are made of UPVC it is easy to get them in a variety of colours or finishes such as gloss or matt to suit your bathroom suite.

Wall panels are generally fitted together by means of a tongue and groove on each side of the panel. For extra insurance it is usually a safe idea to run a very thin bead of silicone sealant along each joint to ensure it is 100% water tight.

One major advantage of wall panels is that they are resistant to bathroom mould which you see in so many bathrooms. Bathroom mould on grout can be a real pain to eliminate so bathroom wall panels could be the long term answer to your bathroom decor.


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