39 Vintage Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Design Ideas

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The bathroom is an integral part of a person’s home and as such, must be treated with extra care when redecorating. The ritual of soaking in a hot bath after a long, hard day is something which many people partake in as a means of unwinding and forgetting about the stresses they have encountered. Consequently, a bathtub is one of the most important aspects when selecting new pieces for a bathroom. It is common for people to choose what they consider to be more ‘practical’ materials, such as granite and chrome when decorating.

This may not be their ideal material or may not create the atmosphere they want, but they are thought to be the sensible choice in terms of durability and ease of use. However, modern wooden materials are just as sturdy and easy to clean as any other material. Due to vast improvements in wood treatments, this material is now far more resistant to water and stain damages.

Of course, certain types of wood are better suited to water exposure; the wood used must be strong and flexible, in addition to fitting in with the colour scheme of the room. Teak and cedar woods are often selected when wooden baths are being made.

Bringing wood into the design of your bathroom, by adding a wooden bath for instance, can alter the ambience of the room for the better. Using natural wood creates a far more welcoming, warm mood than harsh, synthetic materials ever could. Wooden baths can appear as aged or modern as you wish. It all depends on the type of wood chosen, the staining colour and the techniques used to create a traditional look. Selecting a dark wood and having it varnished is a good idea if you want the natural feel of a wooden interior, combined with a sleek, contemporary feel. Light coloured wooden baths which have been sanded in parts in order to look more vintage would look fantastic in a smaller bathroom and will give the room a farmhouse, country cottage appearance.

Wood is a particularly good choice for those who want to have an accent wall in a bold colour in their bathroom. The use of wood, which is neutrally toned, will allow the bright colour of the wall to shine through and really make a statement. If you decide to have an entirely muted toned bathroom with a wooden interior, this will certainly create a calmer, more relaxing atmosphere. The room can be brightened up with a colourful flower arrangement or painting if you wish.

Having a wooden bath installed is a great opportunity to make your bathroom truly unique; wood is the perfect material for carving an image or design on. Having your bath personalised by working with a designer is a great idea for those who are looking for a way to make the bathroom different from the standard, mass produced interior design available today. A subtle and simple design on a wooden bath can take the room from ordinary to extraordinary.


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