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A Prior Warning

Taking care of your lovely closet is not at all a mammoth of a task, and you only need to do it once in two weeks or so. But again, if you forget to do that too, you might get your closet damaged sooner than you think. A damaged closet not only looks bad, but also can cause damage to the items stored in it. Most of the times as we store clothes in the closet, they are affected irreversibly when the closets are damaged. Rather than going through all this trouble, its better if we take into account the weekly maintenance of the closet organizer.

Things That Can Damage Your Closet

When we list down the things that can damage your closet, in that list, the first item would be water. Water can cause utmost damage to your closet organizer. Usually water can cause damage mostly to the wooden surfaces and the glued parts. Thus you have to make sure that your closet organizer doesn’t get wet. Metal parts of organizer might not get rusted because of occasional encounter with water, but definitely a prolonged exposure might do a serious damage. Even if your closet gets wet, which usually happens, you must clean it as soon as possible. If you let the water stay, after sometime water seeps deep into the ply and gets absorbed by the wood. Moisture is the worst enemy for the wooden closet. Thus be careful when you’re walking around in front of a closet having a cup of coffee, because water would be easier to clean than a blob of thick coffee.

Avoid putting wet clothes in the closet. This can elongate your closet’s life by a very long time. Many a times when we get wet in rain, we remove our wet clothes and hang them or put them on the wooden closet, and when our kids come back from play after getting wet in muddy waters, we do the same. By doing so, you are giving enough time to the closet to absorb sufficient amount of water in order to get affected by fungus or dampness.

Always keep your closet at a good distance from either bathroom or washbasin. These are the areas where the moisture content is high. Keeping closet organizer near these areas expose them to a constant spray of water droplets, which eventually turn sour for the health of closet.

Things You Can Do To Save Your Closet Organizer

Airflow is the best friend for any wooden furniture, and so it is for your closet organizer too. Always make sure that the room in which you have kept the closet is always ventilated properly. Without proper flow of air, your closet is most likely to get dampened at places which is not exposed to air.

When you are either sweeping or cleaning your room, cover the closet with cloth, which would prevent it from catching dust. Also make sure you clean the interiors of the closet at least once in two weeks using the vacuum cleaner or by hand itself.

Rotate the position of closet at least once in 3-4 months. Its good to change the position of the closet so it gets introduced to better aerated locations within your home. By doing so, you would avoid damp or fungus attacking your closet. All in all, closet organizer is one important tidy machine which keeps your things organized.


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