45 Amazing Modern Small Bathroom Design Ideas

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Bathroom design has been an essential factor in modern homes. It can be attributed to the importance of a bathroom in anyone’s home. Not only is it essential, it is also a room that guests usually see. But some people think that they should not design their bathrooms all because it is small. But size is not a factor when it comes to bathroom design.

Even small bathrooms can be decorated if done with the right steps. If you think you should not design your small bathroom, think again. People with small bathrooms usually think that their space is smaller than it actually is. Also, you can still design it by creating an illusion of a larger space. Here are some small bathroom design tips you can apply to maximize that bathroom space.

Use Only a Few Mirrors

While it is true that mirrors create a feeling of space, overdoing it shows otherwise. Using too many mirrors in a small bathroom only emphasizes the corners of the room. Be very careful where you install your mirrors. Installing them opposite of each other will not do. You should limit the mirrors for it will only show you how small the space is. Clear out your bathroom walls to create more space for your small bathroom design.

Keep Things Floating

You may also think of installing a wall mounted sink and floating cupboards. This will eliminate them from taking too much floor space. Also, you can utilize the floor for other purposes such as putting a trash can or a plant.

Use Your Door

A common error with small bathroom owners is that they tend to be focused on their walls that they forget that they have a door. This door is actually more useful than acting as an entrance and exit. You can install some towel and clothes hangers at your door to conserve space. This will also give you more wall space for your small bathroom design.

Use Collapsible Shower Screens

This is another way of conserving space. If you have a small bathroom, chances are you will hardly have space if your shower area is enclosed in a non-collapsible shower screen. These show screens may range in different styles. There are foldable types and sliding types. You may even use curtains for the division. This is an essential thing you can do if you want to clear up some space for your small bathroom design.

Utilize Light

Having a window installed in your bathroom and allowing natural light inside will only make your room more spacious. This is free and you can freely use it to your advantage. But be sure to not make your window too big. It will only defeat the purpose of conserving wall space.

Now that you have those things, you are now ready for small bathroom design. Now is the time to get your color scheme done and put up the accessories. Your room is bigger now and you can just choose a theme and implement it. With that, I wish you luck in your small bathroom remodeling endeavor.


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