37 Elegant Chaise Lounges Ideas For Home

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For centuries now the chaise lounge chair has been a symbol of elegance in homes nowadays and even way back to the elite families of old Europe. Although it was believed to have originated from Egypt and then brought into art by the Greeks whose artworks depict Greek gods and other elite reclined in chaise lounges, it has gained more popularity and sense of elegance in the Post-Revolution France where it got its name which means “a long chair.”

Jacques Louis David’s painting called “Madame Recamier,” brought even more prominence to the chaise lounge which was soon introduced and fancied by other Europeans, then later by Americans, then to mainland Asia and now all over the world. And along the introductions of the chaise to other countries, comes the variations of its style. Some of the noted styles are rococo, recamier, duchesse brisée, and Méridienne and others.

Reasons why you should buy a chaise lounge chair

Aside from being a symbol of elegance and a piece that adds beauty to your home or bedroom, a chaise lounge chair has also practical purposes. It can be another place where your whole body can rest aside from your bed. With it, you can also comfortably read a book, newspaper or magazine in a
relaxed position. You can also listen to music, relax and enjoy the sunlight while reclining to it.

Also, you can spend afternoon weekends and holidays relaxing in or cuddling with your loved one. It can also be an additional bed for unexpected guest or a friend. Most people think that chaise chair is just for decoration, obviously that’s not true.

Points to be considered in choosing a chaise lounge chair

First, you need to consider if you want an indoor or an outdoor one, then you need to consider its further purpose. If you want an indoor chaise where you can relax, get a soft one, try those with foam covered by either leather or cloth.

If you want a modern type of chaise chair, then you can acquire the ones framed by metals and then made more relaxing by foam, leather and cloth. If you want it to be more of a decor, something antique like, elegant and rare, I suggest you buy those which are made from wood, bamboo, rattan. With it, you are not only helping small industries and workers who are designing and hand-crafting these products, you are also developing a more elegant sense of fashion in your home.

Aside from the materials, you also need to consider the structure of your preferred chaise. Others find feet down, a little bit lower than your body and with your head elevated a comfortable position, while others prefer their feet to be leveled to their body while their heads are elevated and others prefer their feet to elevated also.

Lastly, you need to consider if the chaise lounge that you want, has a reasonable price or not. If you try to look at the pros and cons in acquiring a chaise lounge chair, setting the price of the product aside, then the only con is that it needs space. And against all these benefits, a piece of furniture that symbolizes elegance, style and other purposes, then I suggest that you should buy one.


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