45 Cool Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Landscape

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When you look at a beautiful landscape at night, with the right kind of outdoor lighting, the results can be truly spectacular. Outdoor lighting can highlight special areas of the garden, accent certain plants, and cast a warm glow on the surroundings.

Lighted paths can also improve safety and mobility around the garden, and lighting that shines on the house can help discourage intruders. There are many types of outdoor lighting available. Much depends on the price you want to pay, and your specific landscape needs.

First, consider the different components of a lighting system. There are the fixtures and lamps themselves. You may want to investigate LED lighting, which cost more initially, but use less electricity than incandescent bulbs which can save you money in the long term. Given the cost of electricity, that can add up over the years.

Solar lighting can also help to save money. In addition to the fixtures, there is wiring to consider. You also have to think about mounting the lights. For example, lights can be mounted on trees or walls. You can also use stakes to mount lights in the ground.

The amount of wattage you use will help determine the size console you will need. You will also want to give careful thought to the placement of your switches. Generally, you would want a switch located in an area where you can turn the lights on as soon as you step outdoors. You may also want to put your lights on a timer.

When you think about placing the lighting, remember to keep the lights in an area where they will not get covered by growth. If you are lighting paths, you should space the lights so that they illuminate the path thoroughly, for example, every eight feet or so. You may also want to install lights that illuminate steps and handrails.

Rope lighting can be good in this regard. You may want to illuminate certain parts of your house. If you have a porch or deck, you may want to highlight those areas. For those lucky enough to have a swimming pool, there is underwater lighting that can be used.

Unless you know what you are doing, you should hire a professional company to install lighting. A contractor can help you lay out the best design for your outdoor area, and do the installation work in a way that it will last for years.


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