49 Comfortable Decorating Ideas For Winter

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Winter’s just around the corner, and for most of us, nothing beats coming home to a warm, cozy living room. Some of us have a fireplace, while others have warm wool area rugs. But is your décor as “winterized” as the rest of your home? A few extra touches can go a long way in suiting your home for the season-and we’re not talking about expensive indoor heating.

Decorating for winter can be as simple as choosing the right fabrics or picking the right color scheme. A well-decorated home can make you forget that it’s even snowing outside! Here are some ways to warm up your décor during the colder months.

Rearrange your furniture. One way to create warmth is to put your furniture closer together. Intimate arrangements make a room look more inviting and create lots of space for conversation. Arrange them in a circle or have two or more pieces face each other. If you have a large room, try placing round oriental area rugs under the furniture to define the space and add a warm glow to the room.

Make use of layers. People cope with the weather by throwing on extra layers of clothing. The same trick works around your home-add extra layers to your slipcovers, tablecloths, and window treatments. Add topper fabrics to your tablecloths to suit the season, and use a valance on your living room windows. In the bathroom, you can layer two or more towels over each other (and save space in the process).

Go green. Natural elements are associated with warmth and sunshine, the very things we tend to miss in the winter. Whenever possible, incorporate “green” décor into your home. Bamboo area rugs, wood furniture, and small stone sculptures are some popular examples. You can also get indoor plants to fill up unused space-just choose one that thrives in cold weather.

Use some candles. Candles not only look chic and stylish; they also provide light and heating at no extra cost. Instead of turning on the lamp, light a few candles in your living room to create an instant conversational piece. Small rooms can use them as table centerpieces. For large rooms, candles are best distributed along the walls, as it evens out the lighting.

Get some soft fabrics. Fill the room with thick, rich materials that give it a warmer feel. Wool, fleece, and velvet are some of the most popular winter fabrics, especially for throw blankets and slipcovers. Area rugs are particularly effective at warming up a room. Most modern area rugs use thick, high-quality pile, so it’s just a matter of choosing the right design. You can also consider jute area rugs and cotton area rugs, which are less expensive but just as comfortable.

Choose warm colors. Colors provide visual warmth and enhance the heating effect of other design elements. For winter, your dominant colors should be in the red-to-yellow spectrum. Note that warm colors tend to be strong, so you’ll need to balance them out with other colors. Pair them with green area rugs or blue throws for contrast, or use toned-down earth colors such as brown and beige.


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