Simple Metal Kitchen Design36
Simple Metal Kitchen Design36

49 Simple Metal Kitchen Design

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People have been using metal for kitchen cabinetry for so many years. There have been many advantages and disadvantages, experienced by homeowners, when they were first introduced. Now days, this concept of metal kitchen cabinets is becoming increasingly popular and is being incorporated in many homes, where they wish to create an interactive kitchen design.

This type of kitchen cabinet refacing integrates ideally in kitchens, which adopt a retro theme. Of all the various colors that can be used, teal and white seem to be the most popular. Quite a few people use vintage metal cabinets to fit in with the chosen theme.

Metal cabinets are now available in stainless steel that gives it a sleek look. The kitchen counter tops are also fitted with stainless steel, to adapt with the current look. There are various other types of metal kitchen cabinets available. You can powder-coat them with the color of your choice and match them to the kitchen chair seat cushions, for that enhanced look.

During the 1920’s, this type of metal cabinets were promoted, because they were “vermin free.” Homeowners welcomed the idea, since there were a whole lot of diseases, where proper vaccines were not able for treatment. Mice and rodents invaded their homes and got into their food products, causing diseases.

Owners, who used metal cabinets, noticed that the rodents could not get through metal. Only the rich were able to afford this type of highly priced cabinetry. The popularity of the metal cabinets shot up again after the World War II, because they were able to replace metal, from the left over ammunition, which was used during the war.
The advantage with metal kitchen cabinets is that they are easy to maintain and clean, as compared to any other material. One does not need, more than a sponge and little soap water, to wipe the cabinets down and there is no worry of the color fading. The scratches that are bound to appear can easily be buffed. The cabinets remain durable and aesthetically appealing, as the hinges used, are also made from strong metal.


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