Modern Italian Living Room Designs29
Modern Italian Living Room Designs29

41 Modern Italian Living Room Designs

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When you’re furnishing a modern living room, above all else it is of paramount importance that you get your choice of sofa absolutely right. Lamps, curtains, wall paper and other such accessories can be chopped and changed without too much hassle, but something as large and, at times, costly as a sofa is a hard thing to replace once you’ve got it in your living room, so you need to make sure that you find something stylish and classic because this is what can make or break the aesthetic of your home.

Making the most waves at the moment are Italian designers, and there is a huge range of stunning contemporary European designs available from up-market furniture stores. The Italian aesthetic favours modern twists on classic design standards, bold shapes, light colours and clean, clear lines while never compromising on comfort and durability and quality of construction.

Something that cannot fail to make an impression while serving to shape the entire living room is a corner sofa. Leather is a great way to add a touch of sophistication and luxury, and creams and whites are totally in keeping with the Italian feel. The greatest benefit of a corner sofa, other than catching the eye, is it encourages everybody to sit together making them perfect for parties. However, if you’re looking for something slightly more compact, high-end furniture retailers offer a great number of two-seater corner options too, giving you all the style of a corner sofa without taking up so much space.

A great Italian trend and a perfect example of their fondness for modernising classic design is the contemporary interpretation of the more traditional Chesterfield sofa. It’s designs like this that will give your living room arrangement a modern edge while retaining an elegant timelessness to enjoy for years to come.


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