Simple Indoor Herb Garden Ideas For More Healthy Home Air38
Simple Indoor Herb Garden Ideas For More Healthy Home Air38

46 Simple Indoor Herb Garden Ideas For More Healthy Home Air

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Many people don’t realize that indoor herb gardening is a very practical hobby. Aside from the joy this brings, it also provides your own supply of herbs you can use in the kitchen or as medicine. You will find the perfect indoor herb garden kit for you online and this will help you start your beneficial herb garden.

There are different kinds of indoor herb gardens and one of the most popular is the culinary herb garden. Planting culinary herbs is great especially for those individuals who love to cook. Fresh herbs right out of your garden will do wonders for your cooking. You can find this indoor herb garden kit online at Herb Kits. It is currently on sale for $29.95, from the regular price of $34.95. The kit includes 12 culinary herb seeds. Some of these are: parsley, sage, mustard, cilantro, basil, dill, chives and oregano. The herbs will sprout in 1-3 weeks and can be both indoors or outdoors. Other included items with the purchase are peat pellets, dome and garden tray, instruction sheet and an E-book on CD full of tips for growing herbs. If you want to purchase this as a gift for a friend or loved one, you can also add the optional holiday gift box for a total price of $34.95.

You can also find an indoor herb garden kit for medicinal purposes. The native Japanese people are one of the pioneers of using medicinal herbs and many cultures started adapting it too. The medicinal herb garden kit, SKU # K5-2, is for sale at Herb Kits for $29.95 as well. This complete kit is designed for starting gardeners and it comes with a small greenhouse for faster growth. It contains 12 medicinal herb seeds including lemon balm, cayenne, chamomile and milk thistle. The included greenhouse is made of reusable and recyclable plastic and it measures 12″ x 12″ x 5″. It also comes with a pack of 50 Jiffy pellets, CD and an instruction sheet to help you out. Incorporating medicinal herbs in your diet will help you live healthily and even slow down aging.

Aside from small hanging indoor gardens and plants in baskets, hydroponics is also a popular and innovative way of growing your herbs. Aerogardening is a revolutionary way that lets you grow strong and healthy herbs even without sunlight. You can find the AeroGarden 2500 01S Pro 100 in Amazon for the price of $119.95. This appliance already comes with an indoor herb garden kit which you can grow in your kitchen all year round. The product measures approximately 15.5″ x 18″ x 10.5″ and comes with a limited 1 year warranty and grow bulbs. It is equipped with an adaptive growth intelligence that gives off the right amount of nutrients and light for fast and full growth. This Aero Garden system is perfect to use if you don’t want too much maintenance as it tells you when the plant needs watering or nutrients and such.

There is an indoor herb garden kit perfect for every gardener. Before going shopping, remember to consider what kind of herb garden you want to start growing. You can find an assortment of choices online and also in different garden shops and your local home improvement store. You will find joy and simple happiness in growing your own indoor garden.

These are just a few of the options in indoor herb garden kits.


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