Awesome Modern Ceiling Ideas42
Awesome Modern Ceiling Ideas42

45 Awesome Modern Ceiling Ideas

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So you want some fresh ideas for decorating? But what do you do? There are lots of ways to use decorative products to help you bring the elements of your personal design together. Personalize by coordinating! Here are a few ideas to help you design the perfect look for your home.

1) Use a ceiling ring, or decorative rim, with your ceiling medallion. You can also use the area between the ceiling rim and the ceiling medallion to coordinate colors. For a truly personal touch, fill in the area with a leftover scrap of wall covering or upholstery fabric. Your local upholstery shop could even build you a custom padded or pleated filler for a million dollar look.

2) Piercings are hot! For an easy way to turn it up a notch and add a whole new level of detail with a minimum amount of work, pierced medallions and moldings are just the ticket. Paint them separately and then assemble. It couldn’t be easier. Painting the wall or ceiling behind the pierced medallion or molding a complementary contrasting color can create an extremely crisp and detailed 2-color design. The same thing can be done for pierced chair rails and frieze moldings. Metallic foils, including gold leaf, can also be used for added flash.

3) Builders love “can” lights, or recessed lighting. They are cheap and easy to install during construction and allow for unlimited customization to put light right where you want it. The only drawback is they are undeniably modern looking. When the rest of the room has a nice Victorian or farmhouse feel, sometimes those lights can stick out like a sore thumb. There is a solution. Not for everyone or every room, but if you hate the plain modern look of your recessed lighting, try ceiling medallions designed specifically with recessed lighting in mind.

4) Panel molding and matching panel molding corners can be used to create custom sized panels on both plain walls and ceilings, which can then be filled with any of the materials suggested above. Some of the most famous ceilings in the world have been created in just this way.

Fresh ideas for a fresh new look. Now you have a few ideas for livening up your room. You can use these ideas in any room you choose. You are limited only by your imagination when it comes to decorative design. Happy decorating!

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