37 The Best Small Wardrobe Ideas For Your Apartment

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What you should pay attention to when buying small wardrobes

In case you are moving to a new house or flat soon, it may be the right time to start thinking about the furniture that you are going to need. Especially if your new home is not extremely big and space is king, small wardrobes can be the route to take.

Go for durable, affordable wardrobes with style

You should always try to find a wardrobe that has the right color and size to match the general theme and size of your room. Critically ask yourself whether your new piece of furniture would fit into your home’s design concept and please do not be tempted to choose a wardrobe simply because of its low price. If the style does not fit right in, keep searching.

Your wardrobe’s durability is mainly determined by the materials used as well as how well and with how much care it got assembled. If you decide to buy a wooden wardrobe, pay special attention to its finishing. Secured corners, easy-open doors and a pristine surface.

Nowadays it should well be possible to find good quality plastic or metal wardrobes as well. If they can be integrated well into your home’s design concept, they could definitely be a good choice since both materials are more resistant than wood. However, small wardrobes made out of plastic may sometimes look and feel rather cheap. They are usually quite affordable, though. Small wardrobes made of any metal can look modern and elegant, yet they sometimes tend to look a little bit cold as well. Another downside they have is their generally higher price as compared to their wooden or plastic counterparts.

Maximizing storage space and making your buying decision

If you are moving into a small home, you will most likely need a small wardrobe due to the limited space you have available. Before buying any wardrobe, make sure to take exact measurements of your room in order to make sure that your piece will fit perfectly and that there won’t be any bad surprises.

Probably the best way to maximize space inside your small wardrobe is to use hanging space, drawers and shelves effectively. The less free space remains inside your wardrobe the better.


Take some of the tips mentioned in this article to heart and you will surely make a good decision when it comes to buying small wardrobes for your home. If you figure out, though, that finding a suitable wardrobe online or in one of the big furniture shops in the UK is causing you any difficulties, do not be feared to ask for experts’ help. Local joiners will gladly examine your situation and make you an offer based on your individual needs.


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