35 Stunning Master Bedroom Ideas

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If coming up with master bedroom decorating ideas can be fun, implementing them is where you may run into a few snags. The first thing that you need to do when brainstorming is to look at your master bedroom and take into consideration the amount of space that you have available. Once you have an idea of the amount of space you have it’s time to have fun. During this phase, master bedroom decorating ideas can be as outrageous or as simplistic as your imagination allows.

You probably realize that you are not going to put a hot tub AND an Olympic size swimming pool into your master bedroom. However, these ideas are fun to run with and will spark other ideas that may work better for you. As long as you keep in mind what types of things you would like to see in your room when you finish, there is no need to limit your creativity during the idea phase.

Once you have come up with all of the dreams that you have for decorating your master bedroom you’ll need to narrow them down before you can take action. This is where you start picking and choosing. You will want to toss out any decorating ideas that are too extravagant for your master bedroom as well as those that are impossible.

When choosing which master bedroom decorating ideas to go with, think practicality and comfort. The master bedroom should be more than just a room to sleep in; this is a place to unwind, your love nest, your hideaway, your secret area, your personal space for just the two of you to enjoy and your room for the two of you to make important decisions about your family and other matters. This room should inspire all of these feelings and emotions that you wish to create as well as enjoy in this room. This room is your sanctuary.

Once you have determined the activities that you are going to primarily use your master bedroom for, you can choose the colors to create the right atmosphere. You can create a quiet atmosphere with soft earthy tones and create a small reading area and perhaps a coffee nook or you may choose a more active style with bright vibrant colors and perhaps put in an exercise or game area.

Often the amount of closet space we have is inadequate in the master bedroom. When coming up with decorating ideas you may want to look into other storage possibilities, or even doing some remodeling to create more closet space. If you have adequate storage space then you can move on to the types of furnishings you wish to put in your master bedroom.

Ideas for decorating should include not only paint and flooring; you also need to put some consideration into the furnishings for your master bedroom, most importantly the bed. If you are going to replace the bed that you currently have you need to decide what type of bed and frame to use. Using the bed and other furnishings that you currently own will increase the amount of funds left in your budget for the rest of the room.

Making room for all of the furnishings that you want two include in your master bedroom is an important step in coming up with decorating ideas. All of your decorating ideas need to allow for the space that you have on hand. When you finish decorating your master bedroom it should have an inviting appeal and not appear as though Martha Stewart’s entire showroom was poured into your master bedroom and given a good stir.

To give the master bedroom a more friendly appeal you can use new window treatments and lighting as well as adding a little bit of nature by setting a plant or two within the room.

Remember that the master bedroom is usually for two. Try to meld the tastes of both partners together so that you both feel comfortable with in the surroundings. Master bedroom decorating ideas should be gathered from both of you prior to starting the project. If your tastes are not identical that is okay, in fact it’s perfect. Creating a new and exciting room d├ęcor from the marriage of both of your personal tastes and styles is how master bedroom decorating ideas should be handled.


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