35 Inspiring Decoration Of Your Porch

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With warmer weather arriving, it is time to start thinking about how to decorate your porch. Creating a comfortable look and feel can be achieved with a little planning and know-how.

Use the tips below to get you started in planning your porch decor.

1. Color
Choose colors that coordinate with the theme and look desired. Try to keep the color scheme to a minimum of two main colors and two or three accent colors. Nature inspired colors like greens, browns and dark reds are always good color choices for porch decor.

2. Fabric
For upholstered or cushioned porch furniture, choose fabrics that are durable, heavyweight and can withstand sun, wind and rain. They will last longer and look better over time.

3. Lighting
If you plan to enjoy your porch space at night, lighting needs to be taken into consideration. Candles, lanterns and outdoor rope lights are all great choices for low-wattage porch lighting. However, be prepared with the bug spray for insects that are attracted to the lights.

4. Plants
Even without a green thumb, having a few live potted plants on the porch is a great way to tie the yard to the porch. Planted palms, ficus trees and ferns are all good for shaded areas of the porch. Hanging baskets filled with flowers are also an option for porch railing decor.

5. Theme
If you want to create a theme for your porch, choose one that is comfortable, but also fun. Colorful stripes, patriotic colors, a nautical theme, or a tropical decor are all great choices that lend themselves to porch decor. Whatever theme you choose, use it in moderation for the best results.

6. Shade
Any porch that is used during the daylight hours has a need for shade. If the porch is uncovered, add a retractable awning or several large umbrellas to provide shade during the day. The addition of shade covering is a great way to expand the time that the porch is usable and comfortable to lounge on.

7. Floor Covering
Toss some sisal area or throw rugs on the porch for added traction. If sisal is too rough, choose a material that has enough texture to prevent slipping if the floor is wet, but that is also designed for outdoor use. If the porch boards are treated with a waterproof coating, it is particularly important to provide non-slippery walking surfaces.

8. Patterns
Patterns are a great way to make the porch decor pop. Choose a pattern that is fun and available in fabrics that will stand up to outdoor wear. Patterns that are colorful will promote a more fun feel, while more muted patterns will add a sophisticated tone to the porch’s decor.

9. Waterproofing
Creating a safe, waterproof spot to store porch accessories is critical for keeping cushions and other porch decor looking good longer. A waterproof, outdoor storage bin is a great option. Keep rain in mind when selecting porch decor, because chances are that at some point, the items on the porch will be exposed to wet weather.

10. Fun
Above all, create a porch that is fun to hang out on. Bright colors, cheerful accents and patterns will all help to create a fun mood. Decorate the porch with items that make you happy and it will become your favorite place to spend time during the summer months.


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