50 Modern Christmas Tree Alternatives Ideas

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Who says a traditional Christmas is the only way of decorating for Christmas? Recently, many people have opted instead for table top Christmas trees.

This type of smaller tree is more compact and just as beautiful and colorful as its larger counterpart. This is a trend that is catching on quickly with people who are looking for a change in the way they do things for Christmas.

These decorated table top trees are a great complement to other typical Christmas decorations such as wreaths, stockings, lights, garland, holly, poinsettias, and other traditional decorations of the holiday season.

Small decorative Christmas are a welcome addition to the holiday d├ęcor mix for people who are open to this diminutive, unconventional version of a Christmas tree.

People with limited space or who reside in apartments, dorm rooms, and other small dwellings find decorating for Christmas a lot easier with small Christmas trees. These small trees save a lot of space in a cramped home without sacrificing the ability to decorate for and celebrate Christmas.

Some people may be worried that the Christmas ambiance of small trees will be less powerful, but that simply isn’t true. Nothing changes with these smaller trees except the amount of space that they occupy.

Gifts can still go underneath and around the tree, a train can still operate around the bottom on top of the table, and all your favorite lights and Christmas ornaments are as easy as ever to put on the tree. Nothing changes! After Christmas clean up is much easier with a small Christmas tree.

It is so much easier to take the decorations and lights off the tree and definitely easier to store away in its more compact box. Now all your storage space won’t be taken up by your Christmas.

If you’re looking for a new alternative to the typical 6- or 12-foot tree that you have to drag out every year, then smaller table top trees are the solution you have been waiting for to make the holidays easier and less stressful.

There are already enough responsibilities and duties surrounding Christmas without hassling with the tree for hours as well. With life as busy as it is for most families these days, decorative Christmas items shouldn’t be something we have to stress over – and now it doesn’t have to be with a small table Christmas tree.


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