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Rustic decor is as popular now as it has been for generations. Rustic style decor appeals to those who have a deep appreciation of the great outdoors and want to bring a feeling of this rugged beauty into their homes.

The most common theme found in rustic decorating is the use of natural wood. Some common types of wood that are found in rustic homes include Pine, Aspen, Oak and Maple.

Two popular types of Pine used in wood paneling, furniture and fencing are Northern White Cedar and Western Red Cedar.

Northern White Cedar is the lightest commercial wood in the U.S. Found in primarily in Southeastern Canada and Northeastern United States, this type of wood is naturally resistant to decay and insect infestation.

It has an appealing creamy white color that will weather to a beautiful silvery gray if left untreated. It glues well, holds paint well and like all cedar wood, has a wonderful natural aroma. This makes Northern White Cedar an excellent choice for rustic diningroom, livingroom and bedroom furniture.

Western Red Cedar is another common wood used for rustic decor because of its beautiful natural red color and its resistance to weather. This makes it a great choice for garden furniture such as arbors and trellises.

Like Northern White Cedar, Western Red Cedar is easy to work with and has one of the longest life spans of any North American softwood.

Aspen is another softwood known for its beautiful white color. Aspen is a popular wood used to make rustic decor such as picture frames, candle holders, mirror frames, wine racks and more.

Quaking Aspen, the western species commonly found in the Rocky Mountains of North America is famous for the striking color change of it’s leaves in the fall. Aspen trees grow in stands of clones, meaning they are genetically identical and share a common root system.

They need full sunlight to thrive, making them intolerant to shade. Without the help of naturally occurring wildfires, Aspen stands have been on the decline. Forest fires, while unpopular with people, are important to the ecosystem.

This is where careful, controlled harvesting of trees like Aspen can actually help restore the natural population in the absence of wildfires, which are hard to control.

Deformities on wood can actually enhance its appearance. This is the case with burl wood, a rare, highly sought after material for rustic furniture makers.

Burl wood is formed by a growth commonly found on tree trunks, branches and roots that cause the grain to grow in a deformed way.

Mold or insect infestations are the most common cause for this condition which is found on species such as Redwood, Spruce, Walnut and Maple. This deformity results in spectacular patterns that make unique and stunning rustic furniture.

No matter what type of wood one prefers, the natural beauty of wood never goes out of style. While natural wood is dominate in rustic decorating, it can be found in many other decorating styles as well.


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