38 Inspiring Cool Water Beads For Indoor Decoration

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It’s inevitable that our gardens need water. The only problem is plants can only drink so fast, so all the excess water just drains down into the ground.

In today’s day and age, going green is a huge catch phrase, but an important one at that.

Our celebrities have finally decided to start emphasizing things that will actually help our world.

Our world needs us, and if not for that reason alone, then we need our money. A lot of water being wasted results in a lot of wasted cash. No one likes that!

There is a very simple and cost effective way to solve this wasted water problem. The solution is water crystals. These little crystals are non-toxic and they absorb water.

Better yet they absorb water, release back to the plants over time and then they can absorb more water. This can last for up to 7 years.

As these crystals do break down, they degrade into only carbon dioxide, water and amonia. All of this is great for plants and completely non-toxic to everything else as well.

There are also nice round water beads that come in different colors as well. These are great for indoor plants.

Step 1: Get a clear glass vase.
Step 2: Layer the bottom with water beads, any color of your choice.
Step 3: Add your plant to the vase.
Step 4: Add your water.

In about 4 hours, your beads will be swollen with water and looking beautiful. Now you can pour out the remaining water and wallah, you have a great decorative piece for in your house.

The best part is you don’t have to remember to water it every day. With the beads constantly releasing water to the beads you really just add more water to the beads every couple weeks.




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