41 Modern Hanging Swing Chair Stand Indoor Decor

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The Hanging Hammock Chair is the latest outdoor craze! A descendant of the traditional rope hammock but the chair provides upright cradling comfort. While no one can argue with the rejuvenating benefits of a backyard nap in a hammock, hammock chairs bring a different level of comfort to the table. As mentioned, hammocks are great for napping or day dreaming, but what about having a conversation, reading a book or sitting around a camp fire? It is much easier to enjoy these activities sitting upright. Take the comfort and relaxation of a hammock and add the function of a patio chair or chaise lounge.

All of this is great, but where do you hang a hammock chair? While a hammock requires 2 trees or fixed points to utilize, chairs only require 1 overhead hanging point. This is ideal for anyone without a big backyard or mature trees. Most chairs will work with a deck joist or one of the stylish and functional stands that have been introduced over the past few years. The hammock chair stand was created to allow everyone to enjoy a hanging hammock swing or chair, regardless of the size of their deck, patio or balcony. From balconies to palatial estates, you can find a stand to fit your needs.

The C Frame Suelo Stand is best for a small patio or balcony with its small footprint. The C design allows the freedom of the swing without bumping into the stand. For those looking for a funkier, more stylish way to display and use their hammock swings, the patented Z-Stand was introduced. With an angular design and black finish, the Z-Stand is an attractive addition to any outdoor living space. For those that need to get out of town to relax, perhaps the most innovative stand introduced to date is the Trailer Hitch Stand. Designed to fit into a standard hitch receiver, this stand supports 2 hammock chairs!

Hammock chairs are also being used in non-traditional ways. Boaters are attaching chairs to the mast of their sailboats, college students are looking for ways to support a ceiling anchor and hang a hammock chair in their dorm or apartment. Perhaps the most interesting use is in the therapy of autism patients. Doctors recently discovered that their patients find the swinging motion stimulates cerebral activity and the cradling design is very comforting.

Style and material choices for all hammock products continue to evolve while fabric quality improves with each model. UV protection is used to guard fabric from sunlight, drainage systems in the seats eliminate water pooling up from rain, and increased rope strength are just a few of the improvements that have been made to hammock chairs.


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