45 Modern Bedroom Curtain Designs Ideas

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The primary function of curtains or drapes is to cut-off the extra sunlight that enters an indoor space. The sun being our primary source of lighting during daytime enters indoor spaces with varying intensities depending upon the time of the day.

Curtains serve a big role in creating a balance between light and dark intensities in the rooms. The tolerant light intensities vary from person to person. That’s why curtains have a facility of sliding horizontally on the curtain rod, so that the person using the indoor space can modify the intensity of illumination according to his personal needs.

Apart from this primary function, curtains also have a decorative function. The decorating element can be introduced by altering the color, fabric, fabric thickness(transparency), stitch patterns, shapes, of the curtain.

More detailed designs can be introduced by using embroidery patterns on the curtain cloth. Bedrooms with oriental design themes use heavy decorative curtain cloths to enhance the beauty of the opening about which the curtains are hung.

Nature cloth with respect to color and fabric transparency play a major role in curtain design. A slightly transparent curtain with bright color shades can dramatically create a wonderful ambience in the bedroom when direct sunlight falls on the outer surface of the curtain. Also a slightly more transparent curtain can cast shadows on the inside walls creating an interesting design pattern.

However the actual design of the curtain depends on factors such as the size of the opening, whether is to be used for window, door or just as an separation unit between two big rooms. I have seen certain homes where large curtain drapes are used to segregate the living room and dining room visually. This saves extra cost of erecting a short height brick wall or even wooden partition. The floor space also remains unobstructed.

Thus curtains can be used in a variety of ways creatively to decorate not only bedrooms but any living interior space.


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