42 Unique Garden Decorating Ideas

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Making your garden stand out depends as much on the manner in which you arrange, present and accentuate its elements as it does on the actual plants, flowers, shrubs and trees you plant and prune. If you take the time to work garden accessories into your garden’s design during the planning stages, you’ll have the freedom to create something truly captivating.

To add touches of flair and inspiration to your green space, here are some garden accessories you can incorporate into your design:

o Garden fountains. While these can take considerable effort to set up, the results are well worth the trouble. Soothing and placid, garden fountains can be sculpted right into the natural landforms of your yard, especially if your garden is tiered and incorporates rock or stone. For an especially striking effect that’s eco-friendly, consider adding solar-powered lanterns or candles to your fountain or waterfall; these require no external wiring and infuse your garden space with an inviting romantic ambiance.

o Border edging. Whether you opt for a loosely laid path of flat stones or an intricate interlocking design, using border edging to separate your pathway from your garden is one of those intangibles that separate a superior garden from a mundane one. Wire fencing and decorative stones are common border edging materials, but you can use just about any material that works with your garden’s theme.

o Color-rich garden walls. Incorporating patterned arrangements of fruits, vegetables and flowers into the main body of your garden adds artistic splashes of color. If your garden has a theme, you can use wall and border elements to reinforce it or diverge from it. Use complementary color theory and your own creativity to craft an arresting result.

o Yard furniture. Well-positioned yard furniture, crafted from natural materials like wood, can actually enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden. Hammocks are also perfect for enjoying the fruits of your labor on a sunny summer afternoon.

o Garden fencing. While garden fencing is primarily intended to provide safety and privacy protection, that doesn’t mean it has to lack imagination or visual appeal. Use bamboo fencing, hand-carved wooden stakes or posts, or just grow thick, high hedges to demarcate your property from your neighbor’s.

o Wind chimes. These accessories do much more than add some music to your garden. When placed properly, wind chimes can actually discourage birds and other pests from landing on your vegetable plants and fruit trees and nibbling at your garden foods.

o Flowerpots and flowerbeds. The right arrangement of flowerpots and flowerbeds can enhance your garden design and impart a sense of careful craftsmanship; for example, a pattern of increasingly large flowerpots arranged on the rising tiers of your garden demonstrates thoughtfulness and artistic aplomb.

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