41 Awesome Diy Plant Shelf Design Ideas To Organize Your Garden

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The ideal gardening shed is one that serves the particular purposes of the person doing the gardening. A manufactured shed is relatively inexpensive, and is most often made from a weatherproof polymer material or metal, with double sliding entry doors and a row of hooks for hanging tools, and a shelf for storing supplies. These units are priced reasonably and appear to be a practical accessory for the gardening enthusiast.

Then, about a year after purchasing it, the doors are hard to open, the roof has warped from the summer heat and there’s no room on floor or the shelves for any more supplies. Since the shed has become over crowded, it’s no longer convenient to get to the tools, so they end up on the patio, which is where they were when it was first purchased.

This is a typical scenario that could lead one to designing a gardening shed, as opposed to trying to make someone else’s design idea work. The upside is, now the gardener has an idea of the size that will accommodate the collection of tools and supplies. In addition, the interior of the shed can be designed for convenience in accessing the gardening tools, and may even include a workbench area and storage bins.

Manufactured gardening sheds most often have one opening, and this means that it has to be situated for access to that opening. Designing a shed does not have this limitation, and the area chosen for it could be anywhere that suits the layout of the property. Depending on the budget constraints, the new design may include a concrete slab as a floor, and wood or metal framed walls, with openings for vents and widows.

In addition, a hearty potting shelf could be built along the side of the structure, which will eliminate the rickety patio bench that so often ended up rotting in the weather. Lighting fixtures, electrical circuits and water lines can be included in a design, as well as attractive doors with reliable door hardware. Walking out to the gardening shed in the early evening, and having a motion light come on, is a convenience that any gardener would appreciate.

Designing a garden shed is relatively easy to do, and the materials and accessories can be selected to accommodate the needs off the gardener, as well and the gardener’s budget. The amount of convenience that can be built into the design will keep the enthusiasm for gardening intact.


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