42 Awesome Living Room Green And Purple Interior Color Ideas

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Selecting colors for your living room is a very individual decision, but sometimes people are open and like to follow certain new trends in interior decorating. A few years back, neutral or white was considered very trendy and alluring, but today the popular colors are much bolder, such as a bright yellow, or deep red or bright purple.

Color not only inspires our senses, but also alters our moods. Extrovert people feel cheerful with bold living room paint colors, while more introverted people prefer the more submissive, or subdued colors. By using a specific color combination in a color scheme, you can create a living room that is convivial and comfortable.

Try not to use more than two major colors in a room, a major color and a trim color, or one color for three walls and another for an accent wall. One of the best ways to choose living room paint colors that work together is to use a color palette available from your local paint store. Here’s a general rule…the walls define the space of a room while colors define the mood you would like to present.

Colors can be defined into three main groups:

1. Colors that can provide harmony and balance
2. Colors that can uplift
3. Colors that can relax

For instance, light blue is tranquil, purple stands for power or royalty, while green is for nature. By the same token, grays and blacks are subdued colors while yellow brings out happiness.

The most popular color today is still white or off-white because it makes the room look very large and also makes small pieces, like lamps and tables, look bigger. White also adds light to your living room while helping to keep it cooler in the summer months. However, too many rooms with white walls tend to make your home look sterile or generic, not to mention the time you’ll have keeping your walls clean.

To determine what is in style for this year, take a look at recent issues of home decor and improvement magazines and check out paint company websites for new shades and color combinations. Hopefully what you see will get your creative juices flowing.


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