40 Perfect Fire Pit Design Ideas For Winter Season Decoration

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Whenever one pictures a fire pit design on his head, it’s typically a traditional camp pit where wooden slabs are placed on top of each other and an elevated fire pit ring is placed to the center so all your barbecues are cooked and heated and your fish are grilled or steamed.

You will be surprised to know that fire pits nowadays come in various shapes and designs. But there are a lot of pits to choose from. They vary from portable to permanent fixture that are suitable for your own backyard. The popular portable pit size ranges from 25 to 60 inches and they come in circular to conical, square-ish to rectangular ones. Other fire pit designs are the chiminea and the celebrated cross weave fireball fire pit.

Choosing From Various Designs

With so many styles to choose from, they are also made from different materials – some are made from aluminum, while others from bronze, ceramic, granite, charcoal and cast iron.

Moreover, these designs also come with an array of sophisticated accessories which make things difficult and confusing to the average Joe. Most of the time, he wonders what will be the most ideal and practical fire pit for his own backyard.

Portable vs. Permanent Fixture

The first question you need to ask yourself from the various fire pit designs is its portability.Do you want a portable pit in your own yard or would you rather have a permanent fixture?

Most of the people who choose the portable design are usually visual people who would rather be buying the finished product they see from the store. With minimal installation needed they would rather be spared from the details of dealing with contractors, double checking the bill of materials and the many uncertainties that come along with the construction.

On the other hand, the permanent fixture is for the handyman who knows how to build this structure from scratch. Others who have the adventurous spirit would want to check video clips from YouTube and other Google articles about a DIY fire pit. These will accept the challenge to build their own stone fire pit in their yard. This type of people delights in finding the materials which blend and complement their home. And when completed from scratch, they boast about the fact they are able to build their masterpiece.

Source of Fire

With a variety of designs to choose from, you also need to choose the different materials for the fire. Although the most conventional source of fire will be wood logs or coals, others prefer to use gas which is connected to their gas line. When this option is taken, you need to put the pit as a permanent fixture. You may also want to check your local civic center to ensure that you are complying fire safety precautionary measures and your gas company is well-informed of your project. Still others would prefer to use propane gas so the pit becomes portable and can easily be moved around.

Ideal Accessories

Adding a grill on top is not only practical but an essential accessory to your fire pit design. When your guests come, they will enjoy the fun of grilling their own marshmallows and hotdogs. Some enclosed pits have a rotisserie bar for easy rolling of barbecues. Choose from an ash pan underneath the grill that is easy to remove and clean afterwards.

If you opted for a permanent fixture, you may also want to consider having a fire pit cover to protect your pit from animals or even your pet, if you own one, as well as children from hiding in it.

Once you have taken time to consider some of the above tips, you would at least narrowed down your selection from the many fire pit designs to choose from, and you are a step closer to your dream of having one.


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