38 Unique Christmas Decoration Ideas

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Christmas decorations are of so many types. There are decorations you have outside your house. There are things your decorate your mantelpiece with. There are Christmas wreaths you hand outside the door. And there are the decorations you put on your Christmas tree,

Lets start from the outside. Decorating your house with lights is the preferred thing. In today’s age of global warming and inconvenient truths, why not get something like a 50 Multi Pinecone Christmas LED Lights Set. A typical set would be with a bunch of Led lights set across around eighteen feet. There is a spacing of about four inches between the lights. These are United States UL approved lights, for 120 volts performance. These are long lasting and energy saving, compared to normal lights. That takes care of the late evening and night.

If you stay in warmer climes with no threat of snow, your daytime Christmas decoration could consist of some special new attractive potted plants displayed in your driveway or at your front door or patio.

Christmas wreaths may be fresh as well as artificial. Typically evergreen plants have been used to make Christmas wreaths. Plants like holly, ivy and mistletoes, not only remain green throughout the year, but also bear fruit in the winter. So a wreath made of these at Christmas, signifies new and everlasting life, in keeping with the story of Jesus. Today with the degreening of the earth, there are concerns of destroying trees, and so we have very natural looking artificial wreaths that are now available to decorate your door. You can also make a wreath yourself from dried plants and branches, and decorate it with berries. This is a biodegradable thing and one need not worry about adding to the plastics of the world.

Finally we come to the decorations inside your home. LED lights may also be used to light up the area around and within your Christmas tree. While Origami Christmas decorations made personally by someone in the family would undoubtedly be the best thing, in today’s world, of both parents working and school pressures, it’s probably a great idea to plan in advance and buy your Christmas Decorations from some special places.

There is a “twelve days of Christmas” ornament collection from Vaillancourt Folk Art. Twelve distinctive and wonderful figurines depicting the twelve days of Christmas, maybe collected through the year, so as to not cause a dent in the pocketbook in December, and makes a great addition to your Christmas display.

Some exquisite red, yellow and green Chinese lanterns are popular Christmas decorations as well, and these come with wonderful designs that gleam brightly when the lantern is lit up. St Nicholas figurines, and a black Santa can add something new to the usual decorations. There are figurines of a knight in shining armor, there is a Santa-coming-through-the-chimney figurine, and there are interesting chandeliers you can hang on your tree, with a Joyeux Noel Angel presiding from atop the tree.

Should you be planning to do a nativity Scene, there are several glass ornaments, and Vaillancourt Folk Art chalk figures that you can use.


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