46 Unique Backyard Design Ideas

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Everyone would want their backyard to stand out and maybe if they’re lucky even be featured in some local magazines. However accomplishing this task isn’t going to be easy and therefore you need to make sure that you work hard in order to make your backyard stand out from the rest.

Apart from the time and budget you’re also going to need creativity in order to transform your garden into something astonishing. Some of the not so common ideas that you could implement in your garden include:

Have you tried out Bamboo Gardens?

Bamboo gardens aren’t very common, yet they’re one of the most beautiful additions that you would be able to add to your garden. They remain lush green all through the year and would also attract birds as they love to build nests in them.

Their leaves don’t wither quickly and therefore you don’t have to worry about maintenance either. Trimming isn’t going to be an issue either. Therefore, bamboo gardens ask for very little compared to the beauty they add to your home. You could even use the bamboo wood for a lot of stuff if you want to.

Bonsai Gardens are slowly picking up

Everyone loves a bonsai garden filled with miniature trees, some of them even fruit bearing. Bonsai plants are commonly called miniature masterpieces and I’m sure there’s no better term that could be used.

They’re picking up pace but are still very rare, so if you have a brilliant bonsai garden it would surely attract people and your friends and neighbors would love it and you could end up becoming the talk of the town.

They’re a great idea if you’ve got limited space as they grow in small pots and are never placed in the ground as that wouldn’t keep them small, instead they would grow into full-fledged trees.

Outdoor aquariums

Water features are a great addition to any garden, but have you ever thought about building a small pond which would also function as an outdoor aquarium? They’re brilliant and you would enjoy spending your evenings next to the fish. You could even build them a nice marine environment and convert your garden into a sought of water park.

Grow rare plants

There are plenty of rare shrubs and trees that you would be able to grow in your garden. So, if you’ve got the patience to care for them why not give it a try? Most of them have medicinal properties too.


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