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The Mediterranean style is the style derived from the countries located along the northern coast of the Mediterranean seas, such Greece, Spain and Italy. Many homes today are adopting this style of decorating since its palette of rich colors in earth tones is so attractive. In addition, there are so many attractive accent pieces available to enhance this style.

If you decorate your home in the Mediterranean style, you will incorporate some beautiful colors and textures. Walls are textured or rough to reflect the stucco walls of the region and they are painted in earth tones. Clay pots in rust or sienna cover the window sills and are full or herbs or geraniums. Herbs also play a role in the art work and you will frequently find posters or tiles with the herbs of the area, such as oregano or thyme decorating them.

The accent pieces remind one of the old fashioned pace and look of the area. Pottery pieces with olive themes, religious items that look like they came from Assisi or Sienna and depictions of vineyards and wine abound. Picture place mats or a border with bottles of wine such as Chianti or Grand Tuscany, and you have a sense of this style.

The furniture in a Mediterranean style home is a mixture of both simple and fancy pieces. The furniture is always very practical, but it may contain fancy decorative embellishments of wrought iron or carved wood. Texture plays an important role in the furnishings as well, and so you will have tapestries or cut velvets on the furniture. The style is wide with variety, but one common feature you will always find is color, either contrasting or matching. In either case, the style will be immediately recognizable.

You cannot decorate in the Mediterranean style without the use of tiles. Kitchen walls, alcoves in entryways and other areas will have tile accents, if not completely made of tile. Mosaic tile plays an important role, since the tiles used are considered art as well as building materials. The tiles used will reflect the theme, be it herbs, or vines or village scenes. The typical Mediterranean colors will also predominate, including rusts, tans and the greens of the earth. The beauty of this mosaic tile cannot be imitated.

If you live in a Mediterranean designed home, you are truly living within a work of art. Beauty abounds, yet the style is practical and functional and very easy to create.


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