50 Best Monochrome Kitchen Theme Ideas For Decoration

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When we’re decorating a lot of ideas and questions are flooding our mind. How should it look? How should it make you feel? Did you ever had a great idea, but was unable to express it? Yes sometimes it is difficult, especially when it comes to colors. So let’s see how we choose a painting color for a particular room: the kitchen.

First of all it must be chromatically compatible with the colors of the nearby rooms. You don’t want to step inside the kitchen and feel like you’re in a different house, do you?

Secondly take in consideration the other colors that will make the kitchen color scheme. Cabinets, counter tops, floor and appliances colors should also be compatible with the paint color.

Cabinets are extremely important at because of their large scale and predominance in the room. You can choose from many available shades of wood or simply have them painted with a custom color.

Another important element is the counter top. There are many different colors and types of materials available for counter tops. Granite, quartz, ceramic-tile, marble and butcher-block-style wood are very good choices because of their natural provenience having colors, textures and patterns that our eyes are used to see. Other options are laminates or solid surface counter tops to which you can apply a color of your own choice.

Flooring is also a major factor. For kitchen floors the mostly used materials are wood and ceramic tiles. Preferred floor colors are warm tones when using wood and natural stone shades if ceramic tiles are used. Natural colors and all-over patterns for the floor can be highly compatible with any paint color.

Without appliances our kitchens would definitely look incomplete. This aspect must also be taken care of. Fortunately that’s an easier task because we can use monochrome colored appliances (for example black can go well with wood tones) or even better the appliances can be integrated in the cabinetry.

Now that we know the different kitchen elements and their colors let’s see how to choose the paint color. Try any method you can think of for visualizing the kitchen with each of your choice colors. A good practice is to buy several canvases, paint them with your chosen colors and hang them on the walls. Place each canvas on different spots of the kitchen and analyze it at different moments of the day to acknowledge the effects created by changes in the lighting conditions.

Don’t stop when you are left with only one or two colors. Remember that any color can have different shades. Try them out and see which one is better.

If you are in lack of color ideas, look for examples on the internet or from any other design industry source. Also try to find out more about the basic colors concepts. The best option in such situations is to ask an industry professional.

Just as any other room’s design, the kitchen color scheme design should follow one main rule: providing the atmosphere which best sustains the performed activity.


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