45 Awesome Wall Paint Color Combination Design Ideas For The Beauty Of Your Home Interior

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In a perfect world, we would all be able to hire an expensive interior decorator to come over to our house, pick out the ideal tone and feel, match the curtains, rugs, kitchen tile, and walls to the precise blend of color combinations.

Unfortunately, interior decorators and designers can run us quite a bit of money. As a home designer and owner of a paint contracting business for over five years now, I have learned some tips of the trade that will allow you to choose color combinations like a well schooled pro.

We will start will some general facts, and work our way from there. Everyone’s knowledge on the subject varies, so I want to make sure I cover the basics.

Light colors will make rooms seem larger and more open. This is especially important if a room is on the smaller side and you don’t want to feel claustrophobic inside it. Lighter colors will also do a better job of hiding imperfections in the walls.

However darker colors have their benefits too. Darker colors will provide you with an opportunity to create a more elegant feel to a room, and draw more attention to crown and decorative moldings.

The first thing that I suggest doing is taking a sample of your carpet and blinds to a paint store, and ask for some advice in choosing colors. This advice will be free, but you have to be wary of who is giving it to you. This will work best at small mom and pop paint stores, or professional stores like Benjamin Moore or Sherwin William dealers. Home Depot or Lowe’s is not a good place to try this, because their employees are not likely to be as experienced in the industry.

Once you have a rough idea of possible colors it is best to visit one of the many online color scheme coordinators, like the one available at thisĀ website. Clicking on the link to the right will take you to a section that will allow you to try out different color combinations within a room. You can match different trim, door, ceiling, and wall colors and see which ones go together the best.

The most popular home interior paint color, regardless of architectural style and design is buff, which is a neutral tone. Neutral colors go very well with any other color scheme, imparts a warmer tone in any of your house’s rooms and is well suited for showing off artwork, portraits or any other type of wall accessories. The best feature of using a neutral as a home interior paint color is that it can make any room look bigger!

The color blue is also a popular color for rooms however due to the wide variety of shades people have a difficult time trying to come up with the perfect shade to complement the rest of the house.

Others prefer dark colors for an avant-garde look; however, if you want to do the same, keep in mind that dark, bold colors make a room look darker than it really is and smaller too.

You can choose home interior paint colors that belong to the primary color group as long as you also find the perfect match for each particular color you choose in order not to sacrifice your home’s visual appeal for being trendy.

My suggestion is staring off talking to your local paint contractor, get a free estimate and pick his brain for color choices. Then visit a local paint store, talk to the clerks. They will help you narrow down your choice.

Always remember, you are the person who has to live there. So make sure it is a color that you are in love with.


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