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When it comes to decorating a small apartment, you have two primary obstacles to overcome. First, you most likely want to make your apartment appear to be more spacious than it really is. Second, since you are renting the apartment, you need to be cautious about the changes you are making.

When decorating a small apartment, the very first step you will need to take is to talk with your landlord. Since your landlord owns the property, he or she may not be on board with you making any changes to the apartment. Even if you can’t paint or make any other semi-permanent changes, however, there are a few things you can do to change the look of the apartment without making your landlord upset. In addition, even if your landlord does agree to let you make changes, you might need to get your plans approved before you get started.

If your landlord won’t allow you to paint the walls, you can still add your personality to the apartment in a few simple ways. For example, when decorating a small apartment, you can add colorful pictures or items to the walls. One idea that many renters enjoy is to simply purchase some inexpensive frames from the dollar store, spray paint them, and then frame unusual items such as sheet music, CD covers, or even fabric. This can show your whimsical spirit while also adding more color to the apartment.

Most apartments are already painted in neutral, light colors. Therefore, when decorating a small apartment, you generally don’t need to be concerned about changing the color because light colors help create the illusion of space. You can, however, keep the apartment free from clutter and items that are too large for the room. Trying to squeeze a couch into a small room will only make the room appear more crowded and smaller. Choose furniture to match the size of the room and the room will look great and you will be comfortable too!

One important aspect of decorating small rooms is to make use of vertical space. This can be done by choosing storage furniture that takes up wall space instead of floor space. There are many attractive units on the market that you can choose from. Armoires and vertical shelving are examples of vertical units.

Other types of functional storage units are coffee tables that have shelves or drawers, foot stools that have a hinged lid with storage within the unit, and vintage luggage that will add character to the room as well as provide much-needed storage space.

Now, aren’t you excited about getting your decorating projects started and completed? You will be so happy when it is done and you can enjoy your new surroundings!

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