35 Charming Shower Design Ideas For Small Houses

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A shower room can be really useful, especially if you have a large family and everyone is trying to get ready for school and work at the same time every morning. It’s amazing the small spaces you can fit a shower room into. You can divide a utility room, convert an old walk in cupboard or pantry, or build a shower room in its entirety in a large hallway. You can also add an en suite to most decent sized bedrooms. An en suite shower room is a good compromise for those who would love to have an en suite bathroom but just don’t have the space for a full sized bath.

Design is the key for a small shower room. It is very easy to get it wrong and make it inconvenient to use, too dark and gloomy or appear too cramped. Small spaces are difficult to work with at the best of times, and there is a lot you will need to fit into your shower room. You can purchase smaller sized basins and toilets for small en suite rooms so definitely take a look at these. Go for the most simplistic designs, fancy shell shaped basins with huge gold taps might be your style, but keep it for your large house bathroom, it just won’t work in a tiny shower room.

Think carefully about layout, make sure it is convenient, take into account the way the door opens. If you can, look at the layout of other people’s small rooms, and get advice if you have a professional involved in the project, or look for small shower rooms layout plans online.

Above all, what I think works best in a small shower room are tiles. You can get the most amazing sense of space in a small room by using the same tiles on the wall and the floor and even the ceiling. Porcelain floor tiles are the best choice as they are waterproof, and one of the best forms of cheap bathroom tiles you can get. They have all the style and beauty of natural stone, slate, granite or marble bathroom wall tiles but without any of the associated problems. Porcelain floor tiles are hard wearing, waterproof and very robust.

Have a good think about the look you want, as if you are tiling the whole room it is going to have a huge impact. High gloss bathroom wall tiles can look really gorgeous, just make sure you pick tiles that aren’t going to get slippery when they get wet. Black will look moody and sophisticated, white will be airier and give the room a very clean and hygienic feel. Or perhaps this look feels too much like a hotel for you and you want something a little more relaxing. How about a sandstone effect porcelain tile? This will give the room a warm natural cave type feel.

Try to keep accessories to a minimum in your small shower room to avoid it looking too cluttered. A slim mirrored cupboard will help the room look larger and you can hide away your essential items. Keep shelving simple and if you can keep the colours similar to those you’ve chosen for your tiles. Lighting is very important in a small room. Recessed ceiling lights work well and won’t take up any extra space in your room.


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