35 Most Popular Bathroom Color Design Ideas

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The bathroom is one of the most used rooms at home and many people don’t give it a second thought. After all it is not a room that people enjoy spending their time in. Or do they? The fact is that many people find their bathroom their sanctuary of relaxation in times of stress. Not only that but enjoying a hot bath while reading a good book is one of the secret pleasures of many women today.

So neglecting the decor aspect of the bathroom is a big mistake. There are so many bathroom color tips and ideas for your bath and shower that you can use to make this sanctuary a space that is truly pleasing to the eye. Everyone has a different idea of what the best colors for this room are, and this is a good thing since it creates a nice and welcome diversity from home to home. So here are some bathroom color tips that you can use in your own sacred space.

Blues and greens are very popular today with many homeowners. Blue gives an aura of openness to the room, while green is perfect for the eco-friendly individuals among us. Green is a very soothing and relaxing color that helps one get close to the nature.

Light tones are classic and they are always popular, no matter the latest trends. One way to make your bathroom look larger than it really is can be achieved by using various lighter color tones such as cream, light pink, light blue, golden and even pure white. White is a color that symbolizes peace and purity. Also it is a color that is favored by people who love classic styles and designs, who are not keen on experimenting with other colors.

There are also some people who are very fond of darker, deeper colors such as maroon, dark red and dark blue. These colors are perfect for big bathrooms. With these colors you can easily give the room a cozier and more occupied feel. Red in particular is a color that asks for undivided attention. The color is very attention grabbing and you can use this feature to your advantage. Avoid making the entire bathroom in red, however, as this will be very distracting for the eyes.


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