44 Beautiful Outdoor Living Decoration Ideas

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Outdoor living spaces are becoming quite popular, and why shouldn’t they? What better way is there to expand your square footage without building an addition? Making your yard, garden, or patio feel like an extension of your home is one of the best ways to create more useable space.

Continue the Same Scheme

Start by continuing your indoor color scheme out to the patio or the garden. This is especially important if an interior space opens directly onto the outdoor living space. Throw those French doors or sliding glass doors open and instantly increase the amount of square footage.

Co-Ordinate Outdoors with Indoors

Choose patio furniture and outdoor accessories that coordinate with your interior furnishings. You don’t want to go from modern inside to French Country outside if the spaces are tied together, unless of course you plan to create some type of eclectic mix in both spaces.


Beautify your outdoor spaces with some quick tips. For closed spaces like patios, add a pretty picture on the wall. Wreaths made of seasonal flowers and foliage look great on walls and garden fences. Tabletop fountains and other similar water features have a soothing effect on your nerves and make your outdoor living space more welcoming. During spring and summer, a few hand-picked flowers from your own garden will brighten up your outdoor space and make it more inviting.

Outdoor Furniture

You can find beautiful outdoor furniture that looks good enough to use indoors and is comfortable enough for daily living as well as for entertaining. Take special pains in caring for your outdoor furniture so it continues looking great. With a little bit of additional color and a few well-chosen accessories, you can instantly create more livable space for your family.


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