47 Best Swedish Decor Interior Decor Ideas

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Not Cluttered or Frilly

I love the design of shabby chic, the mixture of vintage and romantic in a bohemian sort of way. However, there is nothing more I admire than the Swedish version of shabby chic. This version is not so much cluttered and frilly and will emphasize the mixture of both old and new.

A Carl Larsson Era With New Touches

The Swedish shabby chic amplifies longing feelings of simpler times. A country inspired design, both intriguing and provoking in our modern and comfortable way of living. It’s a design that gives us very much a glimpse of a Carl Larsson era with new touches.

Bright, Crisp and Bold

The Scandinavians seem to do white interiors to perfection. The Swedish decor is bright, crisp and bold with accessories ranging from washed out pastels to rich tones. Because of the Nordic dark and long winters, the natural light is often very insufficient. So through their interior style, they create an overall sense of pure whiteness, with light and open spaces, that embraces their homes without giving it a feeling of coldness.

Just Like Home

They have adopted a look that emphasize both comfort and warmth. However, it is more stylish than fashionable. It’s a relaxed way of living that looks very inviting, making it feel just like home. The Swedes just have a natural flair to create an idyllic and cozy atmosphere, in a tasteful and elegant way.

Shades of Purest White

The one and most important piece in the Swedish shabby chic design is the colors. Imagine a wide variety shades of pure white. From the brightest white towards the palest creme, with touches of neutral and grayed pastels. However, the Scandinavians like to throw in bright-colored accessories in their shabby chic style, such as table runners, rugs and pillows, ranging from washed out pastels to rich, vivid tones.


The Swedes are very much into recycling whatever they have on hand. There are no limits to what their imagination and design sense can come up with. They’ll use the old and vintage furniture that they have, otherwise they’ll rummage the yard-sales or second-hand stores to get their hands on inexpensive, ugly, unwanted furniture and accessories, and transform them into elegant shabby chic pieces.

Mixing Vintage and Modern

In the Swedish shabby chic you will find a mix of vintage and modern elements sharing places with each other. It is usual to find a classic white-painted Gustavian table from 18th century, with a modern over sized lamp, or a smart bright-colored chair next to it. The rooms are not overly ornamented since they like to keep clean and simple lines.


Fabulous lighting is the icing on the cake in the Swedish decor. From elegant crystal chandeliers, country based lantern lighting, charming old and retro light fixtures to candles. Lots and lots of candles.


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