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Backyard landscaping plans? You can have your cake and eat it too! No longer are we limited by zone to having spectacular incredible edibles incorporated into our backyard landscaping. If you are like us and have a big front yard, you can have the best of both worlds…front and back.

For this article we are going to concentrate on your backyard landscaping possibilities. Just realize, you can innovate and create into all your available yard space beauty AND taste (literally). You can incorporate incredible edible fruits and veggies easily into your landscaping plans.

We are no longer so limited by climate zone. Most of us can now enjoy incorporating both the beauty and the edible delight of growing vegetables and fruit plants in our own backyard landscaping no matter where we live.

Hardy varieties abound in fruit trees, fruiting shrubs, and vegetable landscaping possibilities. We will mention just a few here for an inspirational ideas in adding to your backyard landscaping plans. As our world shrinks in available crop sites, it is a bonus for every family to incorporate some incredible edibles into their backyard landscaping plans.

In amongst our flowering shrubs in our front yard, we have planted blueberry bushes. They are as pretty as the flowering shrubs and give us the added benefit of mouthwatering blueberry snacks. As they grow they will provide additional quantities to freeze and preserve. Plant at least three different varieties for cross pollination. Strawberries are wonderful ground cover, keeping your weeds to a minimum and delighting your pallet.

If you wish to have a spectacular focus pyramidal tree of 15-30 foot in your backyard landscaping plans, plant a hardy paw paw tree. You will have gorgeous waxy green leaves from spring to frost and eat delicious fruit with a custard banana flavor.

No matter what size your backyard landscaping limits are you can have a delicious apple, cherry, plum, pear, peach, or nectarine tree. The choices are now hardy for most zones and the choices of sizes can fit into any backyard landscaping theme. The standard size is available for large yards, the semi-dwarf for medium yards, and the wonderful new 6-9 foot dwarfs for small yards. You have the beauty of a flowering tree and the bonus of incredibly delicious chemical free fruit for you and your family to eat.

Grapes are wonderful backyard landscaping climbing plant choices for trellises or a sunny wall. Varieties are available that will thrive in very cold climates. With a little care and forethought to location, I could grow seedless grapes in frigid Wyoming winters 30 years ago. You now have numerous hardy choices of fine eating, canning, preserve, and wine choice available almost anywhere.

If you live in mild climates, orange, lemon, and lime trees are gorgeous additions to your backyard landscaping. Peaches, apricots, and nectarines can be grown almost anywhere anymore; it really is amazing. Just choose a reputable long standing nursery or nursery catalog with a guarantee and long standing reputation when making your choices.

In vegetables the choices are also limitless. An artichoke shrub can grow huge with the right care and provide more outstanding artichokes than you can eat. They are beautiful plants that fit into any backyard landscaping or even as specimen plants in the front yard.

Asparagus roots are a must order for any shady woodsy area of your backyard landscaping. The fine lacey fronds are beautiful all season. Homegrown asparagus is unbeatable for taste and freshness. Be sure and buy at least 2 year roots so you don’t have to wait two years for a taste treat. Every spring add a good top coating of rich compost and some manure to ensure huge yields.

Tomatoes and cucumbers are a must. They can be grown in patio containers and in amongst your regular backyard landscaping. Add some lettuce and spinach as greenery in cooler spots of your yard as ground cover. Include a big barrel of mixed herbs in your backyard landscaping for a culinary delight. Thyme is an excellent ‘steppable’ ground cover and edging. Lavender is a favorite of bees and hummingbirds. The possibilities are endless, we at LandscapingCentral.net have suggested just a few to encourage you to include incredible edible beauty into your backyard landscaping.


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