46 Awesome Granite Table for Dinning Room

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Granite has been acknowledged as a high-end construction material. Its toughness and natural colors makes it a very popular choice for homeowners and builders. Usually, granite is used to build walls, floor tiles, bathroom vanities and kitchen counters. But lately, many homeowners also want their coffee and dining room tables to be topped with granite.

Granite tabletops can surely add elegance and sophistication to your home. Homeowners typically re-top an old table with granite. Although other types of stone such as marbles can be used, designers prefer granite, especially if the homeowner can afford it. Granite has more colors and vein movements and usually lasts longer than marble.

If you want to re-top an old table, you only have to remove the old table top and strengthen its legs. The fabricator will measure the frame of the table and use it to cut a slab of granite that will fit with the structure. If you don’t have an available table, you may consider creating a brand new table from scratch.

First, you have to buy legs from metal leg manufacturers that are specially designed to carry the weight of granite table tops. If the table top is really heavy, you have to brace the legs in between. Light or small table tops only need to have four legs that are fastened at the corners. Then, buy a frame of wood that can hold the top in place. Finally, get a stone slab that is appropriate for the wood frame. If you want your top to appear thick, fabricators can make a false edge. A stone that is ¾” or 1 1/4″ thick can have an edge that is 3″ or 4″ thick. This makes the top appear heavier and thicker than it really is.

Granite comes in a variety of colors that will dazzle your eyes. You can find slabs of granite in green, red, white, black, brown and all their various shades as well. If you are buying a granite slab for your table top, make sure that it fits and blends with the other colors of your home. In this way, your granite table will serve as an accent to the general décor of the room and not be something that just sticks out like it’s out of place. It is also good to seal the table top if you are going to use it for eating and drinking so that it won’t be damaged by water seepage.


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