Gorgeous Flower On Balcony Ideas07
Gorgeous Flower On Balcony Ideas07

41 Gorgeous Flower on Balcony Ideas

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You would like to see spring as beautiful as it can be? There is nothing easier! With a little effort we can change an ordinary looking balcony into a garden almost at our home.

At the balcony we can plant a different kind of flowers. The most important is to decide which site is sunny and how much time do we want to spend on taking care of our plants. We can plant roses in the boxes – the small types need more time to take care of them but the variety of colors can amaze not only fans of roses. Roses are feeling the best when they are covered against the strong wind and are not in a very sunny place and not too dark either.

An interesting choice might be also fuchsia , which is having its own big coming back right now. It has been forgotten for a little time but now people are still fond of it. This really beautiful flower has almost 200 hundred different species in colors that you can even imagine – from pink, violet, to something similar of mixing them. There are smaller and bigger species – and it is not hard to make it how we want the plant to look like cause it can be easily changed, formed and cut. The flowers of fuchsia are very original and decorative, that it can be planted in a small, ordinary pot and that’s it. This plant like watering and a little bit of shade.

If we don’t want to have flowers in our home we can decide on having herbs at the balcony. There are not only beautiful but very practical and can be used in every kitchen. If we want to make an interesting composition we should focus on the colors of leaves and their shapes. Basil looks especially beautiful in the pots. The most decorative one has a violet leaves and is called “Magic Mountain”. Almost as beautiful as basil is pepper mint (as it is sometimes called Variegata) with spotted leaves. We can set it with lavender and add a little bit of thyme that grows at low pillows. The whole composition might be completed be a species of high dill. Melissa would be also perfect because of its wonderful smell.

Of course we have to plant those flowers somewhere. We have a great selection of small and big pots. It’s worth to decide on one style and be consequent. The best choice is having pots that would match our home décor. Contemporary pots are mostly wooden and those one are most fashionable ones. They don’t have to be new or painted. Setting them with natural beauty of flowers will make the perfect match – even if the pot is a little bit old. We can also use watering-can to make a great décor and useful pot. It would be very original to have that kind of pot at our balcony. Other decorative elements might be stones or decorative glass that putted in the pot can make a wonderful ornament. They are in many colors, to find in every gardening shop.

As we can see our own balcony doesn’t have to be boring and traditional. We can design it as we would design our own garden. So let’s make it a happy place for us, our plants and the people that would pass by our balcony in amazement of its beauty.


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