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It’s always lovely to receive a gift that someone has taken the time to create themselves. So why not think about planting up an indoor display for someone you know?

Choosing your planter

There are many different types of planter available which are suitable for indoor planting. Some of the most stunning include contemporary style zinc or fibre glass planters which are light weight as well as being inexpensive. There are also some lovely aged metal vintage style planters on the market for a shabby chic look. Indoor planters can be small or large, but planting principles remain the same.

Choosing your plants

You could opt for traditional house plants for your gift such as streptocarpus, anthurium or begonia, but I think a seasonal display of outdoor plants often works just as well and brings a bit of your garden indoors to be enjoyed.

In early spring why not mix a few dwarf narcissus such as Tete-a-Tete or February Gold with our native Primula vulgaris? The colours complement each other beautifully and if you infill with sphagnum moss, you will create a display reminiscent of an English woodland.

Winter flowering plants such as cyclamen, violas and pansies also do well in indoor displays. As do winter flowering heathers and brassicas. Mix any of these with ivy or cineraria for a stunning display.

Although there is always plenty of colour in the garden during the summer months, there are plants you can bring indoors to create both a colourful and useful display. These are herbs. All herbs will thrive in the warmth of a sunny kitchen window sill. Not only will they look good, but they will also provide you with delicious fresh cooking ingredients throughout the summer months. Choose aromatic basil or lemon verbena, or colourful lavender and thyme.

Planting your container

Use peat free compost and make sure there is plenty of drainage. A good tip is to use broken polystyrene pieces to help with drainage and reduce the amount of compost you need to use. Make sure your display is kept damp but do not over water or allow to dry out. If you are using bulbs or winter flowering plant, make sure they are positioned in a sunny but cool place – a conservatory is ideal.

Lastly, it is worth remembering that most indoor planters can also be used asĀ outdoor planters. Zinc and aged metal will weather, along with wood and terracotta but this only adds to create a timeless quality to enhance the design of your garden. Fibre glass planters will live happily inside or out and most are resistant to frost. However, be a bit more careful about transferring ceramic indoor planters to your garden as these may not be quite so hardy.

Whatever arrangement of plants you choose, a container planted by your own hand will thrill any friend or relative who receives it.

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