42 Gorgeous Cottage Bathroom Design Ideas

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Cottage style decorating provides a relaxing and unique atmosphere and is perfect for any bathroom, even ones that aren’t in a cottage! This design with its crisp light colors and seaside accessories will make your bathroom the most popular room in the house. Just watch out when you decorate with this style because you may find that people are spending more time than ever in the bathroom!

The first thing you want to do with your cottage decor is decided on the colors. Typically, you want to use light colors like crisp whites or creams but you can also opt for a very pale blue or even a pale green to give your bathroom the right look. No matter what color you choose to paint the walls in, be sure that you keep a few swatches because you’ll need them when you go out shopping for shower curtains and bath mats.

Speaking of which, the big accessories in any bathroom are towels, shower curtains and bath mats. When you go looking for the bathmat, be sure that you get one that matches the overall colors in your room. You can also try buying short pile rugs or organic mats that are in natural colors.

When looking for your shower curtain and window curtains you might try to get a package deal with matching fabrics. Sometimes the curtains that have a seashell pattern or the scene of an ocean can look great with your cottage style decorating theme, but if you want a more sophisticated look you might try to go for just a plain white curtain that has maybe some eyelet lace on the bottom or a white on white pattern. This way you can focus more on the accessories in the room and not have the shower curtain be the big attention getter.

Towels can really add some soft decor to your cottage style bathroom and there are many different kinds you can buy as well as to for ways to display them. Try to find towels that have a subtle cottage related pattern embroidered on the edge. Perhaps some seagulls, or shells? If you can’t find this than some plain, good quality towels that match the colors in your bathroom will work great. These can be displayed hanging from towel racks but can also be very effective if you roll them up in a tube shape and stack them on top of each other either on you or the entity or on a shelf or in a large basket on the floor.

One thing about bathrooms is that there’s not a lot of room to display accessories so you’re pretty much limited to the vanity and any shells you have. If you have enough room, you might consider a small baker’s rack that you can stick in the corner to add accessories on. Some accessories that look great in a cottage style bathroom include dishes or bowls filled with seashells, large conch shells strategically placed, and even vintage vanity items such as old colorful display packages for toiletries.

Cottage style decorating can be used in any bathroom, and not necessarily only those that are located in cottages. So if you want the relaxing and unique look of a cottage vacation in your home, why not try decorating your bathroom with cottage decor?

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