48 Good Minimalist Kitchen Designs

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Kitchen renovation projects can be quite costly. If you have the money for it, then you likely won’t think twice about committing to the upgrades anyway. But in line with your home staging efforts, an expensive kitchen renovation project probably isn’t the best idea considering that you be sure to have many other staging-related expenses, plus the fact that there’s a significant risk involved in taking on an expensive project that you are not sure will be recouped later on with the home sale.

Fact is, you don’t necessarily have to shell out huge amounts of money just to spruce up your kitchen. With thoughtful details and finishing touches, as well as inexpensive but high impact decorating and styling strategies, you can transform the look and feel of your kitchen and stage it into a totally new space for a fraction of the renovation cost.

Repaint and freshen up the cabinets and countertops

Paint is affordable but with much potential as far as visual impact goes. If you have white or dark wood cabinets and shelves, giving them a fresh coat of paint would make them seem brand new again. Repainting countertops, on the other hand, covers up signs of wear and tear they may have incurred.

Be creative with the lighting

The kitchen is the area of the house which could always use a lot of lighting, but you don’t have to stick to traditional, functional lighting sources. Task lighting, accent lighting, and other layers of lighting can also be utilized for form, function, and style. There are plenty of inexpensive but classy lighting fixtures that change the character of your kitchen for less.

Add art to the kitchen

Wall art including paintings are usually displayed in the dining area, but the kitchen can also display the right print or poster and immediately look much better. Select paintings or even sculptures that go with the theme of your kitchen staging, or you can explore contrast, for example, a retro poster in the backdrop of a contemporary or minimalist kitchen.

Overhead pot rack

Very popular at the moment – using overhead space by hanging pots and pans on a rack suspended from the ceiling, generally right on top of the center island. It saves space or gives you more shelves and cabinets to store your other kitchen accessories in. If executed correctly, it’s also very classy and reminiscent of professional kitchens.

Switch up the seating

If you have wooden dining chairs, simple repainting dramatically changes their appeal, with the right colors or hues are used. Also, think of buying new dining chairs that are inexpensive but go more with the effect you want to achieve.


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