37 Interior Door Makeover Ideas

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If your house is beginning to appear drab and boring it may be ready for a home makeover. No matter how many dollars are spent constructing a home, they will all begin to look dated and in need of some modern improvements over time. Usually home owners will depend upon new furniture, paint or window treatments to give their home a new look. There is another simple home transformation that is extraordinarily effective but often neglected. This is replacing the interior doors throughout your house.

While many of the homes that have been designed and constructed since 1990 have visually appealing features on the interior and exterior, the interior doors are usually generic. This makes many homes resemble each other, at least from an interior perspective. This can be changed by replacing those hum-drum interior doors with custom designed interior doors that bring new life to any home.

Most of the interior doors that are installed in a new home are standard, inexpensive models that are not even solid. This is cost efficient and practical but it does not provide you with a stylish, modern interior living space. These types of doors are flimsy and incapable of blocking sounds. After just a few years these hollow doors have begun to show premature aging and wear and tear has taken a massive toll. They just cannot provide homeowners with the look and feel that accompanies well-made, custom designed interior doors. In the search for a new chic look to your home it is the designer quality and tailored millwork of custom doors that is needed.

From the first moment that you enter a home with custom interior doors and custom millwork it is quite obvious that there was a great deal of attention given to every detail. The intricate design and construction of these doors set them apart and they are able to be focal points for any room. It is also easy to see that these homeowners take pride in the appearance of their home.

Of course there will be some additional expense involved when you choose custom interior doors and custom millwork, but you will recoup this investment over time. You will not find these doors at discount retailers or even your local home improvement stores because they are specifically designed for each customer. Take a few minutes and compare homes that have been constructed using customized options and you will see that it is generally details like custom millwork that helps take the look of these homes to a new level.

Do not allow yourself to be fooled by some of the imitations and knock offs that are designed to look like handcrafted, custom millwork. This type of craftsmanship is only possible when experts combine their skills, technology and the finest woods in a specific manufacturing process. Custom doors are not made from pressed wood and are not hollow. They are made from quality hardwoods including mahogany, walnut and oak.

Your home will reap the beauty and benefits from custom millwork and custom interior doors even if it is a more modest bungalow. It is easy to transform boring interiors into stunning rooms when you add customized features like doors, baseboards, chair railings and crown moldings. If you choose the right colors and trims you can instantly improve and update the appearance of any room in your home. Condos, apartments, and custom designed houses are all able to achieve elegance and classic style with just an addition of some well chosen crown molding. Once you have completed the installation of the custom millwork then you can top it off with new furnishings, floor coverings and paint. These simple steps will transform your home from boring to beautiful right before your eyes.


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