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A messy and disorganized wardrobe can be a constant annoyance. Never being able to find the right item at the right time can be really frustrating. Director of MaxiMy Professional Organizing Service in Melbourne, Melina Adelaide provides a step by step guide on how to regain control over your wardrobe.

Imagine opening your wardrobe with confidence that you will find what you need in an instance. Wouldn’t that be such a time saver? Unfortunately most of us have a wardrobe full of clothes where it is impossible to find something to wear. A lot of women struggle with not knowing what they own due to a disorganized wardrobe which often leads to unnecessary purchases. So let’s have a look at how we can get you back on track, clear out your wardrobe clutter and create a system that will work for you long term!

First step: Assess what you have. Remove every single item from your wardrobe. This way it is easier to assess what you have, what you need and what can go!

Second step: Sorting- Create piles that make logical sense to you. For example:

  • KEEP pile: items you love and definitely wear
  • SELL pile: items you can make money by selling at Sunday markets or online
  • DONATE pile: items you no longer use but are in good condition
  • DISCARD pile: items that are torn, soiled or just out of fashion and nobody will use
  • DON’T KNOW pile: items you are not sure what to do with

Once you are left with your piles you can now go into each pile and further sort. For example in the keep pile, place all similar items together. This process will help you see exactly how many similar items you own and what you need storage space for.

Third step: Declutter- Get rid of what you don’t need! If you posses clothes that haven’t been worn within more than a year: get rid of them. If there are six pairs of black pants be ruthless and get rid of a couple! How many similar style items do you really need? Get rid of clothes that no longer fit you. Don’t keep the just-in-case items, they take up valuable space in your wardrobe and chances are when you lose weight you will go out and buy new clothes. Only store current size items in your wardrobe, if you really have to keep a couple of favourite items that you will fit into soon, store them in a different place such as under your bed or in the attic. Remember the 20/80 rule: You only wear 20% of what you own 80% of the time, the rest is basically clutter!

Fourth step: Maximize Your Space- Most of us struggle with limited storage space in our wardrobes. Majority of architects & builders rarely put much thought into how people actually live when they design wardrobes which means that most wardrobes have a single shelf and rod configuration. This configuration is very impractical and wastes a huge amount of space. So you need to be creative and look carefully at your wardrobe and come up with some smart ideas on how to make maximum use of your space. For example if your wardrobe only has one rod and you have a lot of short hanging garments, you can gain 50% more hanging space by adding another rod in your wardrobe. Wardrobe rods are inexpensive, and if you don’t want to install one permanently, you can get a removable secondary rod that hangs down off of your primary rod. Don’t ignore the space behind the wardrobe door. These are great areas to attach hooks for your pajamas or an accessory organiser. You can even get one of those hanging shoe organizers to organize your shoes nice and neatly. Be creative and think outside the box. Make sure you use all the valuable spaces in your wardrobe.

Fifth Step: Organize in a systematic way- Categorize your clothes: Hang all similar items together: all shirts should be in one area, all pants should have their own spot. Fold jumpers and t-shirts and arrange them neatly on the shelf space. Winter and summer clothes can be separated for better use of space. Belts; Hats; Scarf and Jewellery should have their designated space as well. Remember work with a system that suits your space and facilitate easy retrieval so you can see what you own.

After this process you should now have a feeling of reward and satisfaction. Your wardrobe should now contain items that fit and will be worn. Most importantly they will be items that you need and love. Going through your wardrobe now should be an easy and stress-free experience. You can see what you have and you can be more assured that what you have suits your lifestyle, personality, and body. Make it a rule when you purchase a new item consider discarding an item that is already owned to prevent wardrobe clutter once again.


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