Bathroom Concept With Stunning Tiles24
Bathroom Concept With Stunning Tiles24

36 Bathroom Concept With Stunning Tiles

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History has seen many styles and designs indicative of the time in which a house has been built. Take the Victorian era for example with the elegant and intricate features and polished floorboards. Nowadays it would appear that the modern houses incorporate the polished porcelain tiles flooring concept. The question is why are they so popular in recent times?

Porcelain tiles are wall and floor coverings that are made from delicate sand particles fired under extremely high temperatures and pressure. This causes the particles to become extremely packed together enabling the tile to have a low water absorption rate. A polished porcelain tile is made through much the same process as non-polished ones, batching, mixing and grinding, drying, forming and firing, but they undergo a grinding and polishing final stage, which shines the tile in much the same way as polishing stones does.

Consequently the property that a polished porcelain tile gains through this process makes them ideal to use anywhere in your home. Polished porcelain tiles can create an impression of openness as one walks into the room due to a combination of the shiny finish and the fact that they are available in a larger size. Similarly, the reduction of grouting in between each tile can also add to this effect. This is a great way to make smaller rooms appear larger or give bigger rooms added depth.

Strategically placing them on the wall along corridors can also increase the length of its appearance. They can be used as a feature wall in any room of the house by contrasting the tiles to those on the floor or the wall paint, tiles or wallpaper. Both can have stunning visual effects.

The compaction of particles within the tiles enables them to be more hardwearing. Hence they can be used in areas of the home that is frequently walked over. It is also for this fact that they can be used as wall tiles and splashbacks. They must be sealed when used in these instances in order reduce the loss of their appearance through staining. Hence they can be placed in kitchens, bathrooms, living spaces, corridors and bedrooms.

The colouring of polished porcelain tiles are reflective of some may say earthy tones. They come in cream, beige, bone, white and ivory in a non-textured finish. They also come in granite or marble like effect in similar shades. As they are neutral, they do not take over and diminish the overall look of a room. Interior design features such as appropriate furniture, mats and rugs, wall hangings and personal items, can complement their subtlety. Hence one will notice these striking features first.

When one mentions the words modern and contemporary they are really referring to a style that incorporates sleek lines incorporating the latest concepts. Polished porcelain tiles enable a room to obtain this look by the simplistic and non-dominating style they have, the long lines they produce when laid side by side and the fact mentioned above with respect to the added extras one places in the room. They can be used anywhere in your home to create this look.


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