38 The Concept Of A Table And Chair For Dining Room

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In the world of today, decorating has taken on a whole new lease of life. Instead of home owners turning towards interior designers to help furnish their houses, they are choosing to do it themselves. This is largely due to the current economic conditions. Everyone seems to be much more guarded with their money.

Existing home owners are trying to optimise their houses where possible. This is a change from previous conditions, where many would have upgraded to a new house. New home owners obviously need to furnish their houses, however many are choosing to decorate only one room at a time. All home owners want furniture that is high in quality whilst being cost-effective.

Many people do not know where to start without any sort of decorating experience. It is suggested to start by deciding on which room is to be furnished, the essential pieces of furniture required and a budget. It is likely though that some of these decisions will change further down the line.

Room Functionality

Home owners must decide on how their dining rooms will function. Based on this decision, home owners will likely choose to decorate their rooms differently. For example, some people use their dining room as their everyday place to enjoy meals. This room will get a lot of wear and tear. Papers, mail, groceries and coats will be thrown onto the dining table and chairs. On the other hand, although not quite as common today, there are some home owners for whom the dining room is more formal. For them, it is a separate area that is only used for company. A person’s best china is used in this room. This room will not get as much use as a less formal dining area so more delicate items can be chosen, rather than opting only for the most sturdy.

Furniture Required

Once it is decided on how the room will function, it will need a dining table and chairs. Home owners may purchase separate pieces such as a table from one collection and chairs from a completely different collection. Likewise, dining room sets are also available where the whole set can be purchased as one item. For people with more confidence in their decorating skills, purchasing separate pieces is fine. However, for those that are not so confident, purchasing a set might be easier. Also, by mixing and matching pieces, the room may have a more eclectic look. On the other hand, purchasing a set may have somewhat of a more formal appearance. Again, this is up to the home owners to decide.


When home owners decide on how they will purchase their dining furniture, by piece or by set, the selection process will begin. Immediately, home owners will notice the huge selection. Starting with the wood, a homeowner can choose from oak, pine or walnut to name but a few. For the dining area, an oak dining table and chairs is highly recommended

Oak is an excellent wood for dining tables and chairs. It is a strong, durable and beautiful material. Oak furniture including an oak dining table can hold up to the demands of daily life or the parties held throughout the year. While oak itself comes in many varieties, the two main ones used for furniture are white oak and red oak. White oak is the one primarily used for furniture since its strength is greater than red oak.

In addition to the colour of the oak, a homeowner can choose to have solid oak dining table and chairs or oak veneer furniture. On the surface, oak veneer furniture may appear to be the better buy, but it is much lower quality. Oak veneer furniture is a combination of solid oak and other type of materials such as plywood or particle board. These materials are pieced together via various methods including glue. Oak veneer furniture’s quality and durability is not up to the same standards of solid oak. Solid oak will withstand the test of time and may very likely never need to be replaced. If it is affordable, a solid oak dining table is the way to go. dining room sets, regardless of functionality, need to wear and handle well.

The decision on what to buy is ultimately up to the homeowner. With these few guidelines, it should make the process easier to begin. Home owners can now take pride in decorating their homes themselves.


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