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Maybe you’ve been preparing for a holiday event or for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary. Whatever the reason for your dinner party, you are probably glad the preparing is finally over and the day has arrived. You take one more moment to look in the mirror and agree with your reflection that you’ve never looked better.

Now you are ready for the appearance of adoring family and friends who will, undoubtedly, be impressed by all that you’ve accomplished. That is, until you pass your dinner table and realize it doesn’t look appealing at all; it just looks like a dinner table.

Don’t let your dinner table be a last minute thought at your next dinner party. Do you have a color scheme planned for your dinner table? Do you have enough matching plates? Do you have the proper cutlery for the impressive 5 course meal you’ve painstakingly prepared? Oh, what about a stain resistant table cloth with matching napkins?

Next time, plan ahead! Plan your menu and plan the aesthetics of your dinner table. As you begin to muse over what you will serve and who you will invite and when you will host your special dinner, also give some thought to your dinner table design.

Here are 4 tips to help you on your way to creating a breathtaking and beautiful dinner table.

* Get inspiration from your existing color scheme and consider the colors of the food you will be serving. Determine how to bring that vibrant color pallet you have in your dining room down to your dinner table.

* Be creative and use hand written place cards. Why not? Your family and guests will feel special.

* Add a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers in complimentary hues.

* Take your time and set your table the night before. Leave off the glassware until the day of your dinner party and cover the entire table with a clear plastic table cloth to prevent lint and dust from accumulating.

These four simple tips will go a long way toward ensuring that your next dinner party is a success. Your guests will be delighted by your eye catching dinner table and thankful you made an extra effort.

Rena Bullard is certified and trained as an Interior Decorator and is currently continuing her studies to become an Interior Designer. Rena is a member of The Society of Decorating Professionals, an expert writer for Ezine Articles and a contributing writer for The Society of Decorating Professionals’ blog and online magazine, The Decorator’s Notebook, as well as a contributing writer for Art & Home’s blog. Rena interviews industry professionals as the host of her own podcast radio show called, ReDecorating by Rena, which broadcasts on Blog Talk Radio.


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