Lovely Bedroom Storage Ideas32
Lovely Bedroom Storage Ideas32

46 Lovely Bedroom Storage Ideas

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Unless you’re one of the few super-efficient home organisers, a sense of chaos can take over when several members of your family leave piles of dirty clothes wherever they want and their failure to put anything away after they’ve searched for items they can’t find means that your planning of new bedroom storage ideas should move to the top of the list of jobs to complete.

In an ideal world, your bedroom is a wonderful place where you can unwind and relax, but this is only possible if your surroundings are tidy, clean and efficiently arranged. A shelving system might just be the answer for your bedroom storage ideas where space is limited.

Using a Flexible Shelving System

A flexible modular shelving system is great for people who wish to keep redesigning and regularly organising their bedroom storage ideas. A slot in system that allows you to rearrange the modules can give your bedroom a fresh look, time and time again.

Most modular shelving systems can be arranged in a number of ways to finally form the shelf unit of your desire. This helps you adapt your storage space to your specific needs and to the size and space of your bedroom. These types of modules are usually available in a range of sizes and different depths so that they can be placed in many different ways to form the shelving system.

Before deciding which shelving systems are right for your bedroom, you might be able to save yourself space by making better use of your wardrobes, whether they are freestanding or the walk-in variety.

Under some of your hanging space you can always add drawers or shelf units and if you don’t need all of the hanging space you can fit drawers all the way vertically to the top of your storage facility.

You don’t need to have all of your clothes quickly and easily available to you all of the time. You might want instant access to the clothes that you wear regularly, but for any clothes that you are unlikely to wear more than once or twice a year, you can move them and unused shoes to the sides of your storage facilities giving you greater access to your customary favourites.

Finding a Home for Your Shoes

Many people find that shoes will eventually find a home at the bottom of your wardrobe, whereas the space you might like to replace with low shelving, can allow your shoes to move to purpose made shoe holders, which take up a lot less space in a hanging frame.

Making the Children’s Bedroom Child Friendly

When you are faced with the eternal trouble of trying to tidy up the children’s bedroom, the whole operation will be much easier if you are able to involve children while making all of the storage fun and easily accessible for them.

Children find it much easier to put their clothes on to shelves, rather than using hangers. They are also more likely to use items they can see rather than those that are hidden from view so where you are able to group specific items together, your children are more likely to put things away in the correct places and prove the value of your bedroom storage ideas.

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