Beautiful Laundry Room Tile Design45
Beautiful Laundry Room Tile Design45

47 Beautiful Laundry Room Tile Design

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Laundry rooms have the capability of being the most functional room in the home. Whether large or small, efficient and stylish laundry facilities can turn the most domestically challenged into the envy of Martha Stewart herself.

The key to unlocking the majesty of this room is careful and efficient use of space, storage, and finishes.It is helpful to plan the space to scale using graph paper. Consider adding a laundry sink if space permits. Closed Cabinets are preferred over open shelving.

Make sure to protect the inside of the cabinets from drips and spills. Consider which appliances best meets your needs and height requirements. If a pedestal is not needed under front loaders, consider a custom countertop for laundry folding.

Hanging racks or simple long armed hooks are handy for garments that require immediate hanging. Fold away iron boards make efficient use of limited space.

When selecting finishes for this work horse of a room consider the traffic it gets and the hours spent standing in this area. Ceramic tile floors, along with laminates are durable choices however is less forgiving on your body for long periods of time.

Gel mats can be purchased to aid in back strain associated with these types of surfaces. A healthier option would be a renewable resource floor such as bamboo or a sealed cork floor which is most forgiving. Carpet of any kind is not recommended in this space.

Wall and cabinetry finishes should be durable. Satin or even Semi gloss paint holds up extremely well and is easily wiped clean with a soft damp cloth.

Consider adding moldings for more detail or splurging on a wall paper that makes you want to be in the space. Lighting should have the ability to be bright when needed. Often fluorescence are used in this space. They are bright, energy efficient, great for the environment, and long lasting.

The downside is the bright light they emit is cool and not as inviting as incandescent. Personally, I prefer a more decorative fixture.

From halogen track lighting to a chandelier you are sure to find the perfect fixture that complements the decor of the main living areas. Under cabinet lighting or a small lamp is a great option for secondary lighting.

Remember to keep accessories limited to art work and possibly a few well placed treasures. This room should be the picture of cleanliness and organization.


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