Awesome Creative Collage Apartment Decoration38
Awesome Creative Collage Apartment Decoration38

50 Awesome Creative Collage Apartment Decoration

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Moving into a new house can sometimes cause a quandry. You can stand and stare at large… blank spaces for weeks wondering just what to do with them. These blank spaces are the walls of your new house or apartment.

Most people have a hard time figuring out what to do with their walls, because their thoughts are limited to just paint and pictures. There’s actually quite a bit more you can do to decorate your walls though, and here are a few of my favorite tips:

1. Create shadow boxes. These are especially nice to do as remembrances of loved ones who are no longer with us. If you want to create a shadow box for grandparents for instance, but you don’t have anything handed down from them that could easily be used in this decoration, try visiting around to yard sales and flea markets.

Find items that fit the timeframe of your grandparent’s lives, or that remind you of them fondly. Use these items in your shadow boxes, then display them in a nice area of your home to symbolize both the love you had for them, and the legacy they left behind.

2. If you love blankets or quilts, there are some very unique ways to decorate your walls with these. Simply attach pieces of wood to your wall, drill holes in them, and put dowel rods in the holes.

On these rods you can hang your quilts or blankets just like you can on a regular quilt rack, except this way they decorate your walls.

Placing the items just above a sofa is a great way to keep blankets nearby when you watch movies or snuggle up next to the fire. Also, if you enjoy quilting or sewing, you may want to use a similar structure on the wall to hold bolts of fabric for your creations. The walls look lovely, and you’re also organizing your home!

3. Here are just a few other ideas: You can use old windows and some curtains to make a faux window in a room without enough windows.

Your can use old picture frames to “frame” an oil painting or collage or quotations. Using small vases, you can have fresh flowers hanging on your wall. You could also make part of your wall into corkboard or a set of box frames so that you can display your children’s artwork.

So there you have multiple, easy, and inexpensive ways to uniquely decorate your walls!


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