49 Smart Modern Farmhouse Style Bedroom Decor

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Bedroom furniture designs can really add a cozy element to your space. Even if you live in an apartment or condo you can get the feeling of an old farmhouse.

This can be quite an easy way to blend the masculine and feminine spaces together. It’s going to use very heavy silhouettes with lighter finishes. You can just get a can of cream paint and a little bit of glaze to really create this yourself.

It’s very important to start out with substantial pieces. This should have more of a traditional kind of design style. It can even be in a Queen Anne design style if you want more of an elegant look.

However, then you’re going to need to give it a really distressed finish. You can do this by layering on a lot of different paint colors. You can try dry brushing on paint. You could also complete your paint finish with a glaze over this.

Since the furniture is quite oversized it’s important to only have functional pieces in the room. This is going to ensure that your room doesn’t feel cluttered. When working with a farmhouse kind of design style you really want your furnishings to blend in with the rest of your room colors.

This is really going to ensure that you get a light and airy feeling that still has a little bit of substance to it. A way to do this is just to go with neutral colors on your walls. This can also make your room feel bigger than it actually is.

Then the silhouettes of the pieces are really going to come into play because the colors won’t be noticeable but you are going to notice the interesting shapes. This shouldn’t be the exact same color. It should really be off by one or two shades. You can even use the same paint strip to find coordinating colors.

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