44 Lovely Black and White Living Room Ideas

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If you are looking forward to sending out a message of finesse as well as power then this couldn’t be done better without painting your room in black and white.

These colors have been long since considered contemporary at any point in time, and have never gone out of fashion for decades. Always new and innovative, the black white living room is one of the perfect choices for any home.

There is nothing more to think about once you have decided on these colors, and one thing is certain is that your rooms will flaunt chic, sophistication and an enhanced appearance that is going to impress anyone who visits your home.

The dark and light side of life

To add to the mesmerizing effect of the opposite shades, you can consider adding rugs with zebra prints, especially in the center of the room. This will help in bringing on that plush feeling you always desired.

This is ‘the’ space for entertaining guests who come over and at the same time a great place for relaxing by your self too. Ensure that the seating arrangement is made as cozy and comfortable as ever. Once this is done you don’t have to think of rearranging furniture to bring out a change in mood for a long time.

Flooring too is an important aspect of the living rooms. If you are thinking of white flooring tiles or marble flooring, good; because the room will look bigger than it actually is.

Even if the living room is big enough there is no harm in fixing these tiles as a bigger looking room is welcome anyways. Try to keep the rooms clutter free as much as possible. Putting up picture frames which compliment the black and white theme of the living room is a good idea.

Some unique looking couches and sofas are available in many online furniture stores these days. Considering a TV that is wall mounted could be a better option as compared to placing one in a TV cabinet in theĀ black white living room.

Instead of adding too many pictures on the walls placing one big picture frame containing different colored hues can make a wonderful addition to the living space. With this kind of an ambience nobody would want to move out of the these easily. Make this a place to convene and communicate, interesting and impressive. Playing mainly with black and white gives you the ability to splash in other colors of your choice too!


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